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New Year, New Opportunities

New Year, New Opportunities

Hi, it’s Dan with BBS, and I’m here send you positive and profitable vibes for your business in 2023.  Along with the positive vibes, I’m here to share our industry leading OvationULT full-body red light therapy bed with canopy for a full-body red light therapy experience.

We had an amazing 2022, helping luxury spas, wellness centers, med spas, chiropractors and fitness centers increase their ability to help their clients live their best life, along with creating new revenue opportunities.

Our OvationULT red light therapy bed is the only bed on the market actually designed for red light therapy, as our diodes or lights are positioned within one to three inches from the body for maximum efficacy. Unfortunately, many beds on the market are made from a tanning bed design, which is great for the back half of the body, assuming the lights are strong enough, yet the top of the body is not getting treatment in most cases, as in some tanning bed designs, the lights could be in excess of six inches from the body, which will provide almost no therapeutic value.

The OvationULT Red Light Therapy Bed

As you can see, our bed design actually hugs the body, both top and bottom, without the claustrophobic feeling for a tanning bed capsule design, and because of our design, the diodes or lights are positioned close to the body for maximum therapeutic value.

By now, I know you know the many benefits of red light therapy such as collagen building, skin smoothing, inflammation reduction, pain management, wound and scar healing, performance recovery and cognitive improvement… and now the public has been educated and seeking businesses with red light therapy.

We have a three year warranty, incredible customer service team… and all of our beds and customized lights are designed, engineered, manufactured and distributed from our production facility right here in beautiful Las Vegas.

If you’re coming to Vegas, check out our OvationULT beds in the Waldorf-Astoria spa, the ARIA spa and coming in late January, the Vdara spa… all right on the strip. If you’re in Vegas and you’d like to see our facility, meet our team and demo the bed, you can email us at: [email protected] or call us at 702-633-9040 for the best red light therapy bed on the market today.

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