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New Revenue with No Side Effects

New Revenue with No Side Effects

Hi, it’s Dan with Body Balance System in Las Vegas, and I have a question for you… and my question is this:

What are you planning to do different this year than last year to help more people and drive more revenue to your bottom line in 2023.  Maybe this should have been a question last December, yet here we are, and the question is still valid.

Of course, we can improve on our marketing, along with improving the level of service with additional training for your staff, yet what about new and/or popular modalities which can attract new business and create additional revenue channels for your business?

Red Light Therapy is the most requested “new” modality in the health and wellness industry today.  Many experts say if you could put the red light therapy treatment in a pill, it would be the pill that everyone has been asking for.

Imagine, taking a pill with no side effects to smooth your skin, lower your inflammation, build collagen, build your immune system, manage pain and even improve cognitive performance…. Wow, I’m confident we would all take that pill.  With that being said, you can provide those same opportunities to your clients with our OvationULT red light therapy bed with full top canopy.

If you’d like a 15-minute zoom presentation with me, just message me back on Linkedin, or you can schedule a zoom presentation with the link at the bottom of this video message. If you’re in Vegas, and you’d like to come by our facility where we design, engineer, manufacture and distribute our products, you can email me at [email protected] or call or text at 702-807-1769 and I’ll show you around and get you set up for a therapeutic demo in our OvationULT red light therapy bed with full body canopy.

I’m passionate about health and wellness and if you’re interested in learning more, I’d love to teach you. In my past, I went through two years of chemo from 2017-2019 and I use the OvationULT in our showroom three times a week and the difference it’s make with reducing my body soreness and increasing energy levels has been fantastic.

Let me help you make 2023 your best year by helping more clients with red light therapy and helping you grow your business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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