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Dennis Ligon
CEO of Sundays Sun Spa
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David Ellsworth
Owner of Fast & Fit 4 Health
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Dr. Jeremy Landry
Owner of Olathe Chiropractic
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Samantha Baptista
End User
I lost inches of fat from my body and my scar from my surgery healed with 60-days of red light therapy. I’m so excited!
Samantha Baptista
Las Vegas, NV
Our guest and our tenants visiting the spa love our OvationULT bed for anti-aging and overall health and wellness.
Michelle Wilkos
The OvationULT is the most complete and effective red light therapy bed on the market.
Mike Nicklas
Huntington Beach, CA

My name is Tina Harris. I’m the owner of Salt & Light Wellness Center of Cabot. I purchased the Ovation ULT red light bed from Body Balance in May 2022. It was the best purchase I made for my center. My customers absolutely LOVE the bed! We have many customers that use it for pain management and inflammation, and I also sell it as part of a weight loss package. My customers are seeing good results with red light therapy. My experience with Body Balance System has been wonderful. They have taken care of all my concerns and even a minor repair that needed to be done. Jacqueline Leuenberger is a fantastic salesperson. She is very knowledgeable and was very patient with me while I made my decision to purchase. 

Tina Harris

Salt & Light Wellness Center of Cabot 

I have an 8 year old Male Sheltie – he was in acute kidney failure – has hepatitis and Pancreatitis. We started soaking him Fri night, 10 minutes a day approximately – his water after 10 minutes was very yellow and had a ton of slimy film on top. Prior to soaking he wouldn’t eat for 5 days, had been to vet, gotten fluids and some meds but we couldn’t get the meds in him because he wouldn’t eat.  It was looking very grim on Friday, talk of putting him down to relieve his suffering.  I told my mom, we don’t have much to lose, let’s try it (that was before I heard back from you all) by Sat Morning, there was a noticeable difference, he was eating tiny bites and each day over the weekend he got better. We were also using some kidney detox homeopathic that we could shoot down his mouth. But I am confident that the soaking helped him tremendously.

Your machine has saved my mother’s life and now her dogs. Thank you!

-Beth M.

I discovered your machine a couple of years ago after being hospitalized with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever caused by a tick bite. This dangerous and often fatal disease left me with constant pain in my joints, especially in the hip and knees. After only a few sessions, ALL joint pain disappeared, and I could function normally again. An added bonus is that the chronic sinus infections that I’ve had my entire life are also gone. I’ve been doing the treatments for two years now for my clients with many great success stories. I recommend this machine for commercial use due to the ease of sterilization, low occurrence of replacement parts, reasonable cost, and great customer service. This company has something hard to come these days…integrity! Thanks, Michael!

-Shari B.

I have had chronic knee pain for many years. It got so bad that I had to stop doing construction work. I could not climb ladders, using stairs was painful and lifting anything was causing grief. Even walking was limited. I was considering laser treatments until Brenda offered me a demonstration. After only one footbath, my pain was incredibly reduced. I was able to do things I could not think of doing for such a long time. My poor feet were so underused for so long that they hurt from the burst of exercise. I have had one more treatment and plan to have a third before buying a unit for myself. I recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from joint pains.

-Scott K, Baysville, Ontario

I am the principal photographer for Metroland North, Beyond the City, The Muskokan, Retreats magazines and Examiner newspaper. I took the pictures of Brenda Paterson’s BBS machine results that appeared in our newspaper article. Don’t tell anyone; but they were my feet that turned the water into a bubbly, black, smelly soup. Needless to say, I bought the machine. On the way to toxic free living! I recommend using the detox footbath for anyone with health concerns and who doesn’t have concerns?

-Bev M., photographer Bracebridge, Ontario


Just a quick note to let you know how much the Harmonic vibrational chair has helped me.  As a tennis pro with a severe shoulder injury, which happened over 2 years ago, I tried many kinds of therapy from the cold laser, traditional range of motion exercises, ice packs, and normal strength routines…but there were still painful remnants that would not go away. So, I tried the Harmonic chair.  It took a few weeks of regular sessions and BOOM!!! The pain and stiffness just went away, and it felt so good with a full range of motion.  I am now well on my way to getting my serving arm back and continue to make tremendous advancement with my rehab. I am very thankful to you for your superb Harmonic chair.

With Respect and Joy,

-Jim R.  Orlando, FL

Hello Micheal

I have a question re the body balance machine. I have been using this in my practice for 5yrs. Now. I have a client that in the past has had a brain tumor removed several yrs. ago. Three yrs. ago they discovered a little spot coming back, so they (her Doc’s) have been doing an MRI and CT scan monitoring the size. She has been doing the foot baths now for a while, and the doctors can’t seem to find the spot anymore. She has not done anything else for her body other than the Body Balance System. Can this be true, a cancer growth disappear?

-Debbie J.

Harmonic Comfort Chair Company,

I am writing you to let you know how valuable your comfort chair is to my special needs daughter Lyra, age four. With the help of her occupational and physical therapists, we discovered that she enjoyed vibration.  When I found one of your chairs at a consignment shop, I bought it hoping to sit down with her in it and read books and relax. Her condition can make her very restless and hard to settle down at times.  she instantly loved the chair. Sometimes when nothing else will soothe her we put her in her chair with a blanket. She enjoys resting in it and often takes long naps in it. When nothing else will soothe her we put her in “her” chair with a blanket and she’ll settle right down, content. We call it Lyra’s “special” chair. Recently we moved and our movers being clumsy broke the control box on Lyra’s chair.  I was devastated. She uses her chair almost daily! The movers offered no compensation for the damage, and I did not have the money at the time to replace the chair.  I phoned the company’s number on the manual that came with the chair, explained what had happened and how much my daughter enjoyed her chair.  I hoped maybe I could get a replacement part for it at an affordable price. What the representative for the Harmonic Chair Company then did was amazing and a blessing. They offered to mail Lyra a replacement part free of charge and offered to help walk me through the repair process by phone. A week later a new control box arrived as promised, was easily installed and her chair is once more her favorite place to “hang out”. 

We are writing to express our gratitude and to praise your wonderful chairs, company, and staff.

Thank you

-Lyra M. and Family

Body Balance System

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