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The Science of the Ionic Detox Foot bath

Author: Dr.  Ron Cusson, Ph.D.

Best Practices for Detoxification:  Sea-Onic Footbath Systems

The Science Behind Sea-Onic Footbath Detoxification Systems

Each Revive Cleanse power unit and the Sea-Onic array function by passing a current through a set of plates that are immersed into the footbath water (inside the footbath tub). The footbath water contains an added mineral solution, the Sea-Onic footbath concentrate, which closely resembles the complex mineral concentration of the ocean.

The array begins the conduction process by first producing both ions on the positive plate surface and electrons on the negative plate surface. This results in a safe, low-voltage charge that is applied to the plates by the Revive Cleanse power unit.  The array has a total of three plates.  The two outer plates have the same polarity while the inner plate has the opposite polarity.  This is important in order to optimize the qualities of the footbath and the detoxification process.

Next, there are suitable components of the Sea-Onic concentrate in the footbath that will wrap themselves around these ions and electrons to form microscopic bubbles of water that will drift in the footbath. The liquid bubbles that come off the positive plate have a preponderance of active positive charges in them and their pH is less than 7.  The liquid bubbles coming off the negative plate have a preponderance of active negative charges in them and their pH is greater than 7.

The different pH of these bubbles serves to produce a shifting charge on the surface of the skin as the various bubbles from the plates contact, in a random manner, with the skin.  This helps to effectively absorb the bubbles through the skin.  Once the bubbles are absorbed through the skin, the net pH change in lymph will depend on many details of both the current lymph composition and the minerals in the footbath.  At this point, a detailed calculation of the resulting lymph pH is not needed. However, we intend to explain how this ends up raising the pH of the lymph after several footbath sessions.

Sea-Onic Footbath Concentrate

The footbath consists of a solution of the Sea-Onic concentrate in which an electrical current is passing through.  Although there are visible bubbles of gas coming off the plates as the footbath progresses, there are also bubbles of liquid coming off the plates that are not as easily observable.  These bubbles are tiny and some have only a few dozen molecules in them.

The liquid bubbles are short-lived, which is why it is sometimes recommended that the footbath water is gently stirred with the feet as the footbath progresses. This gentle stirring encourages the bubbles to come into contact with the skin of the feet before they dissipate within the footbath water.  As liquid bubbles come into contact with the skin, the pH of the skin will fluctuate locally around the average pH of the footbath.  This fluctuation ends up attracting bubbles of the opposite charge so that they can more easily attach themselves to the skin for penetration.  These bubbles are also composed of hexagonal water clusters that wrap around the various oceanic minerals within the footbath.  The combination of electrical attraction and small cluster size makes it easier for these tiny liquid bubbles to enter the pores of the skin and make their way into the lymphatic system.

Once inside the lymphatic system, these extremely small liquid bubbles will release their minerals into the lymph. This will generally raise the pH of the lymph towards the optimal value of 7.4.  These liquid bubbles have a smaller cluster size and move more readily in the lymph.  This, in turn, will tend to displace the old lymph that has a much lower pH and larger water cluster size.  The old lymph gets pushed either towards the immune system or back into the footbath water, where it gets discarded with the bath water at the end of the footbath session.

It should be noted that there is a way to find out the pH of the lymph by measuring the sub-lingual, morning-rising pH level.  This pH will slowly rise to 7.4 after a regular sequence of footbaths. This happens due to the improved oxygenation that comes from the lungs from the refreshed lymph.  The pH level will stay at this healthy value indefinitely, provided that a suitable nutritional program is undertaken to maintain it.  If no changes are made to the nutrition, and no further Sea-Onic footbaths are taken, the pH will ultimately revert to its initial low value (the national average is 6.2) and the sense of well-being will eventually dissipate.

The old lymph that gets pushed towards the immune system becomes easier to dispose of because the small liquid bubbles have a greater concentration of alkaline (oxygen-bearing) minerals. These alkaline minerals then feed the immune system and give it greater power to recycle unwanted components (toxins).

It is important to understand that the Sea-Onic footbath stimulates the detoxification process by creating a footbath with a greater chemical activity that delivers clustered water components, loaded with ocean minerals, into the lymph.  As discussed above, these, in turn, will displace the old lymph and this displacement is the essence of the detoxification process.

In conclusion, The Sea-Onic footbath is one of the safest and most highly beneficial detoxification processes.  This level of safety is due in part to the fact that this unique system does not require an actual current to be injected into the body, as with other detoxification modalities. This systematic process tends to displace toxins out of the cells and into the bath water, while also into the body’s elimination channels for recycling and/or disposal. Utilizing the Sea-Onic footbath will significantly enhance one’s wellness protocols and goals for optimal health.  


How Does the Revive Cleanse work? 

The Revive Cleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath involves filling a foot bath tub with clean water and adding sea salt which is high in mineral content. An array or water module is connected to the Revive Cleanse control box is placed in the water. This results in positive and negatively charged ions being circulated through the body of the Detox Foot bath Therapy subject. These ions circulate primarily via the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which bathe cells throughout the body, acting like magnets to attract the oppositely charged ions of toxins, heavy metals and cellular waste. This process is painless and takes approximately 30 minutes. While some of the toxins are excreted through the approximately 2000 pores in the feet during the Detox Therapy Session, most importantly the Detox Therapy Session will result in a boost in the efficiency of the body’s natural excretory and toxin elimination functions for 24 to 48 hours after the session. The liver and kidney are marvelous natural filtration systems and work with the body’s natural excretory functions during the period following the Detox Therapy Session to help the body eliminate collected toxins and heavy metals. You are likely to notice changes in the color of the urine and bowels of the individual treated following the Detox Session evidencing the resulting increased efficiency of the body’s natural filtration and elimination functions. 

If you have never experienced a Detox Foot bath, you will be amazed by the change in the color of the water during the Detox Therapy Session. What started out as clean water will change color and you will observe the water becoming very discolored indeed. This is in part due to ionization and the resulting oxidation of the minerals in the water. However this is only part of the story. You will also notice mucus, foam and flecks in the water and it may turn very dark indeed during your first several sessions. After a number of sessions or during a period of particular illness you may notice the color of the water changing indicating a change in the detoxifying of different parts of the body or varying states of toxicity in your body. 

What is most important to understand about how a Detox Footbath Therapy Session works is that an adult human body is between 50 and 65 percent water. The ionization and discoloration process you see going on in the footbath is similar to the process on the water content within your body. The positively and negatively charged ions introduced in the footbath are passing throughout your body and having a similar collection and cleansing effect through the body’s natural filtration and elimination functions during the period following the Detox Therapy Session. The 24 to 48 hour boost in efficiency of these functions resulting from the Detox Therapy Session provides most of the therapeutic benefit as well as toxin, heavy metal and cellular waste elimination. For this reason, Detox Therapy Sessions are not suggested more frequently than once every two or three days to allow for the post-Therapy Session detoxification process to work through to completion and not overload the body’s natural filtration and elimination processes.  

Is hydration essential to the detoxification process?  

It is important you understand that Revive Cleanse detoxification process is about water and energy. If your body is not properly hydrated then you don’t have the proper balance of water in your body. When you drink water and it gets absorbed into your body the water becomes like an electrolyte solution. The major part of your blood, the river of life that flows through you, is salty water. Therefore, correct hydration helps to ensure that the energy is going to flow to all parts of your body properly.

How many people can use the Revive Cleanse at a time? 

The Revive Cleanse Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath can be used with one person at a time. The active method is used for individual purposes only. You only treat one person at a time and you never use the already treated water twice.

Can I still use the BBS Unit while taking prescription drugs?

We recommend that you consult a health professional. 

Why do I feel tired after a bath?

People can feel tired or full of energy after a bath.
For those who might feel tired, it is recommended to use the BBS unit in the evening, so their bodies can get that well-deserved rest.
If you feel full of energy after a bath, then it is best to have your bath in the morning.  

Does it matter what material my bath or foot-bathing container is made out of?

Plastic is perfectly okay.

Why does the watercolor change?

The color change in the water can be attributed to a multitude of variances including, the water quality, oils of your skin, lotions you may be we you are using and your health status.

Can I use the Revive Cleanse unit daily?

We recommend that you detox yourself every 48 to 72 hours, which will allow your body a chance to recover from your session. Using the system too much can make you fatigued and is not beneficial for your body to use more than recommended. 

Can I use the BBS unit in a spa bath?

Certainly not as your spa unit probably contains chlorinated water. 

Can women who are pregnant, those with a heart pacemaker, an organ transplant or epilepsy use the system?

No, the BBS detox footbath systems are not recommended for pregnant woman, anyone with a heart pacemaker, an organ transplant or epilepsy.

Why is it beneficial to use a foot massager before and after your Detox session?

A foot massager helps to further stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. Further, the massage helps to relax the user so that they may better absorb the energy of the Detox session.

Why use a mineral supplement after your Detox session?

Currently, there is not a system on the market that can distinguish between “good” and “bad” minerals when the body is experiencing detoxification. Therefore, it is only natural for users to lose “good” minerals during a session. By including advanced supplementation into one’s wellness protocol, they will enhance the benefits of the detox session. We recommend the EssenceSea™ Volixer™ Water Concentrate which contain trace minerals.

 Can I use the BBS Unit while taking prescription drugs?

As a rule of thumb, it is fine for people that use daily prescription drugs to use the BBS detox footbaths as long as they have consulted with their health professionals prior to use. For people on life-sustaining medications, we strongly recommend that you always consult with your health professional, possibly finish your course of medication, and then try the BBS systems.

Why do I feel tired after a footbath session? Why did I experience a boost of energy after a footbath session?

There are occasional reports of users feeling tired or actually full of energy after a footbath. Everybody is different and the results truly depend on the state of your personal Health & Wellness. For those who might feel tired, it is recommended to use the BBS unit in the evening before rest. Conversely, if you feel full of energy after a footbath, it is best to begin sessions in the morning.

Why is it a good idea to disinfect the Sea-Onic™ array after each bath?

The Sea-Onic™ array has been designed purposely to make sure that only the metal comes in contact with the bath water during the footbath. Further, the metal surfaces that come in contact with the water during the footbath have a substantial current going through the surface. This contributes to keeping the surface clean and free of the various toxins that are eliminated through the skin during the footbath.

However, it is an additional safety precaution to dip the Sea-Onic™ array into a 91% alcohol jar for several minutes after each bath. This will ensure that the array is thoroughly dried, reducing the possibility of unsightly surface rust and that no biological toxins remain on the array before it is stored in preparation for the next bath. 

Can you use the BBS system within a bathtub for a full-body detox session? Jacuzzi/Spa?

The only BBS system recommended for a full bathtub setting are the Revive Cleanse Pro Plus, Pro, and Basic.  As for use within Jacuzzis or spas, neither of these applications is suitable under any circumstances. Further, a spa unit probably contains chlorinated water.

What kind of water should be used in the foot bath?

Water from a well is the best solution. However, tap water, bottled spring water, or filtered water will work fine. Please keep in mind that you don’t want to use distilled, softened, or reverse-osmosis water sources since the mineral content has been removed from this type of water. This lack of mineral greatly reduces the power of the Revive Cleanse System.