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OvationULT Best in Class Red Light Therapy System for Pain and Fat Loss

Meaningful Comfort . . . Stunning Results

The New 2021 OvationULT LED Red Light Therapy Bed

The ONLY System purpose built to be a Red Light Bed so diodes are as close to the body as possible and the only with Vibrational Frequency Massage

The Most Trusted Red Light Therapy System Anywhere. We develop and produce advanced, high-quality systems exquisitely engineered to deliver the top level of performance. We are the only company on the market to include our exclusive Vibrational Frequency Massage creating a relaxing experience for the user. Our products give practitioners the power to adapt, evolve, and deliver true patient satisfaction with every treatment. Our warranties are unmatched at 3 years, and our newly designed systems offer more than any other available, at the best price, because we are the manufacturer and can pass the savings onto you. We also offer licensing so you can become part of the Body Balance System family. Call us today and find out more.

Ideal Light Red Light Therapy Pad System

Superior Design & Quality

The Ideal Light Pro 6 System is the strongest, most flexible, and easiest Red-Light Therapy on the market today.  This system features both Red and Near-Infrared LED ultra-high efficient diodes with an irradiance and now featuring 60 Mw/cm²

Many systems make claims to strength, being the strongest or even the only pad system on the market. They can make claims because they are not FDA registered. Red Light Therapy is regulated by FDA and considered a Class II medical device. Our FDA Registration number is 3010627475. Any company that cannot give you a registration or K number is in violation of FDA regulations.

We are not the only pad system on the market, but we have put a lot of time and energy to make them the best system at a affordable price point. We know we can say we are the strongest whole-body pad system on the market because we are the ONLY pad system that is FDA Registered.

Leading through Innovation

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Unsurpassed Quality

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Grateful Clients

After only a few sessions, ALL joint pain disappeared and I could function normally again. An added bonus is that the chronic sinus infections that I've had my entire life are also gone.

These machines are of the highest quality, reasonably priced and very easy to use. The response from BBS has always been courteous and fast to my many questions.

I have had chronic knee pain for many years. It got so bad that I had to stop doing construction work. After only one footbath, my pain was incredibly reduced. I was able to do things I could not think of doing for such a long time.