How to Drive New Revenue with Red Light Therapy


Best Practices from Industry Leaders Driving New Revenue in the Health & Wellness Industry

Pricing depends on your market. For instance, we have clients in Idaho charging $85 for a 15-min full-body anti-aging treatment and in Miami, the same treatment is $280. You know your clients and what they will pay.

The most popular package is the 12-treatment package. Using anti-aging or muscle rejuvenation as the treatment, recommended treatments are 3x per week totaling 12 treatments per month. Yes, we have clients offering 18 and 24 treatment packages also.

Package contents depend on the desire of the client. If they just had a surgery and their entire body is sore and debilitating, the 18 or 24 may be the right package.

Every customer who buys a bed from BBS is enrolled in our Red Light University, a virtual training platform designed to bring your entire organization up to speed on red light therapy, it’s benefits, how it works, and how to engage with people about red light therapy.

The training is interactive and followed with questions to facilitate learning. Each lesson is only three to five minutes in length, so your employees can learn on the go.

Because red light therapy had multiple healing properties, here’s some packages being sold with our OvationULT full-body red light therapy bed with canopy.

  • Full-Body Anti-Aging
  • Full-Body Inflammation Relief
  • Full-Body Muscle Rejuvenation
  • Full-Body Detox
  • Full-Body Mood Enhancer (Anxiety & Depression)
  • Full-Body Skin Smoothing
  • Full-Body Health Treatment
  • Full-Body Oxygenation

Using the OvationULT for add-ons, has been a very profitable practice. For instance, facial add-ons have been incredible. Lowering the price to $50-$75 for a post facial 15-minute full-body red light therapy add-on will yield new revenue.

Add ons are being used in med spas, luxury spas, wellness centers and chiropractors. Chiropractors are either adding the RLT treatment as part of treatment and increasing price, or providing post treatment full-body healing and oxidation as optional, yet recommended part of treatment