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We Are a Health & Wellness Company with 19 Years Of Experience

BBS (Body Balance System) started when our Founder and CEO, Micheal Londo was committed to finding assistance for his daughter who was born with a rare genetic birth defect. BBS matured and evolved into a red-light therapy technology company focused on producing effective products for the health and wellness industry. Our OvationULT bed is the most effective red-light bed in the industry.
Our bed is the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy.

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We design, manufacture and distribute red light therapy technology from our home office in Las Vegas

Dennis Ligon

Body Balance System (BBS) has been designing, engineering and manufacturing red-light therapy technology since 2006.

Our Founder

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter who was born with a rare disorder and he found a need in the health industry.

the Importance of Closeness

The efficacy of the red-light therapy technology is determined by the closeness of the diodes to the body. We show a quick video explanation here.

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Red Light Therapy
Micheal Londo


Ally Jordan

General Manager

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Sales Director

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Marketing Director

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Jacob Tate

SMT Supervisor

Body Balance System

Red-Light Technology Leaders in the Health and Wellness Industry