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iSPA 2023 Update

Well, the iSPA 2023 is complete and it was a tremendously successful event.  Body Balance had a booth where we shared our OvationULT, the industry leading red light therapy bed with full body top canopy where we had tremendous interest, visitors and demos for the entire show.

Those of you who came by our booth to say hello and connect, thanks for making that happen. It’s amazing to see the response of spa professionals when they demo the OvationULT bed and feel the oxidizing rolling frequency massage which leaves each client more alive and cognitively sharper, no matter what reason they wanted the red light therapy treatment.

We did have two competitors at iSPA, which we always welcome, as once people actually demo’d our bed and were educated on why the Body Balance System design is superior, we had tremendous results.

People liked the fact we were located in Las Vegas and we actually designed, engineered and manufactured the beds right here in our production facility. 

Here were our top pieces of feedback from our visitors to the booth.

  • Love the modern and stylish design.
  • Learned why the Ovation ULT bed design was most effective for red light therapy… as with the tanning bed design, the top half of the body is receiving little, if any treatment as the diodes or lights are too far away from the body for effective treatment.
  • Love the “tech free” option, as it can be a one-button start
  • Surprised the bed was only 175 lbs and can fit through any door.  Easy move with two people or a simple roller.
  • Amazed at how many unique treatments they can market and attract a new group of customers.
  • Surprised at the ROI and payback within one-year.

Yes, red light therapy is the NEW modality for the wellness community. The demand is growing, and the results speak for themselves.  The OvationULT bed will provide your spa, med spa, wellness center or chiropractic practice with multiple revenue opportunities with a proven, non-invasive modality.

If you’d like to know more about our OvationULT red light therapy bed with full-body top canopy, you can reach us at 702-807-1769…. Feel free to text or call, or email us at [email protected]

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