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Improving Immune System Health

Improving Immune System Health with Red Light Therapy

Hi, it’s Dan with body balance, the leaders in red light technology for the health and wellness industry. As we close out the year, I’d like to say thank you to all of our spa directors, chiropractors and wellness center owners for making our year at BBS our best year ever. We’re expanding to a new location in January, where we are doubling our production space to meet the demands of the industry.

Red light therapy is the most exciting wellness treatment modality in the market today.

We all know how the red lights penetrate each cell and stimulate the mitochondria to signal to the ATP, which is energy, allowing each cell to heal and maximize its potential. We’ve talked about collagen building, skin smoothing, full-body pain relief, inflammation reduction, wound and scar healing, hair growth and even red light therapy’s impact on depression and anxiety. Today, I’m sharing an additional benefit of red light therapy, and that’s Improving Immunity. In studies on animals, red light therapy boosted the immune system of those animals who had cancer, resulting in an increased lifespan. In human studies, red light therapy also boosted the immune system and T cells of preoperative cancer patients without increasing tumor size.

One review of the scientific literature noted that immune cells appear to be affected by low light laser therapy, which is red light therapy. Another study found that red light therapy to the bone marrow could increase the platelet count and help resolve low blood platelets caused by chemotherapy or an autoimmune disease. The red light therapy also appears to selectively modulate cell function in some types of infected cells while not affecting healthy uninfected cells in the same way. With all the talk about sickness, the flu and even covid, red light therapy in the is a proven tool to enhance your immune system and stay healthy over the winter months.

Overall, the body of research looking at immune function in different conditions paints more of a complex picture than simply that red light stimulates immune function… yet red light seems to be an “Immune Nutrient” that supports optimal immune function in a wide variety of different scenarios and health conditions.

The red light therapy seems to be able to positively affect immune function in the right direction, regardless of whether someone has low immune function during and infection or has an overly active and imbalanced immune system due to autoimmune disease.

With our Ovation red light therapy bed, you can now provide NEW targeted treatments and packages to your clients, customers and patients in your facility today Expand your customer base and earn more revenue with Body Balance System’s Zero-Gravity Red Light Therapy Bed.

To find out more about Body Balance System and our Red Light Therapy technology, email us at: mailto:[email protected] or call us at: 702-633-9040

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