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ReGrow Hair with Red Light Therapy

Slow Hair Loss and Re-Grow Hair with Red Light Therapy

According to multiple studies, Red light therapy has proven to help men and women with various situations or conditions to regrow hair and even thicken the diameter of individual hair strands.  

Women with alopecia have shown to regrow and thicken hair with red-light therapy.

According to five different studies, men have also benefitted from regrowth and thickening hair from red-light therapy. 

Not to get too clinical here, yet hair growth happens in three phases:  Number 1 is the Anagen phase, or the growth phase. Next is the Catagen phase, where the hair transitions upwards towards the skin pore.  Lastly is the Telogen phase.. where the dermal papillae move upward to meet the hair follicles again and the hair matrix starts forming more hair… to go back to the anagen phase.

The transition of the hair from the telogen phase back to the Anagen phase and prolonging the Anagen/growth phase has been shown to be improved with Red light therapy.   Red light therapy can also increase the rate of growth in the Anagen phase while preventing premature catagen phases.

In summary, rather than dying off, hair stays in the growth phase, grows more, then re-enters the growth phase with Red light therapy. 


With our OvationULT red light therapy bed, you can now provide inflammation relief packages along with pain relief packages to provide a necessary treatment package for your clients. 

Expand your customer base and earn more revenue with Body Balance System’s Zero-Gravity Red Light Therapy Bed. 

To find out more about Body Balance System and our Red Light Therapy technology, email us at:   [email protected] or call us at: 702-633-9040

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