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Who is BBS?… And What is Red Light Therapy

Who is BBS?… and What is Red Light Therapy

Hi and thanks for clicking the link… my name is Dan and I’m the sales director for BBS -, that’s  Body Balance System and we design, engineer, manufacture and distribute red light therapy technology to the health and wellness industry.  Our premier product is our OvationULT. You can see by its design, it has a canopy that comes down over the top of the body, so you’re getting full-body treatment from the OvationULT red light therapy bed.

If you’re not familiar with Red Light therapy, it was used by NASA in the 90’s and now the cost had come down to where red-light therapy is available in the health and wellness market. Our bed, the OvationULT, was designed for red light therapy, as the therapy is only effective when the diodes (lights) are within 1-2 inches of the body.  In many other designs, including the tanning bed design, the top lights are 5-10 inches from the top of the body which provides essentially NO red light therapy. The OvationULT is designed to fit and rest on your body for that full-body treatment you can only get from the OvationULT. In addition the OvationULT is ergonomically designed for comfort and zero gravity to relieve pressure from the back area.

What is Red Light Therapy?

If you’re here, you most likely are familiar with red light therapy, yet the red light is a natural light from the light spectrum of the sun. Red light is available from the sun and even from fire, yet because of our living habits, we don’t receive red light as we did in the earlier days prior to industrialization.   

Red light penetrates the skin and stimulates the mitochondria in each cell, and the mitochondria ignites the ATP in our cell, which is energy… which causes the cell to heal.  Red light therapy is a proven non-invasive method to:

Build collagen, rejuvenate and smooth the skin and provide that radiant look, anti-aging,  full body inflammation reduction, muscle soreness, muscle recovery, pre and post workout, fat loss, wound healing and overall body healing. 

Scroll down and Schedule your introductory red light consultation to get educated and experience the treatment in our industry leading red light therapy bed.  You’ll be glad you did.

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