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Revive Cleanse: Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems

The Revive Cleanse Detoxification Systems by Body Balance System

The Revive Cleanse Detox Systems have over thirteen years of reliability behind them. So much reliability, in fact, we gave them a LIFETIME Warranty! We feature four different models to chose from, all the way from our Basic model to our Ultimate which features two therapy's in one system. Start improving your life! 

  • Longest lasting water module/array on the market
  • Two models feature RIFE Frequency
  • 14 Year History of Business
  • Over 14,000 units sold
  • Packages Include System, one water module/array, 4 oz Bottle of SeaOnic Solution, cleaning brush and manual. Ultimate also includes Frequency Massage Pillow. 

Below the Features & Benefits of each model

                  Revive Cleanse

  Basic     Pro     Pro Plus     Ultimate
                                        Programmed Modes      1      3      3      3
                                                      Power Level Strong Stronger Strongest Strongest
                                                 1 Water Module       Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes
                                    4oz. SeaOnic Solutions       Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes
                                          Frequencies Sweep      No      No      21K+      No
                 Specific Frequencies Programmed      No      No      No  4 Included*
       Optional Frequencies available over 40+      No      No      No      Yes
      Frequency Pillow for Frequency Massage      No      No      No      Yes
                                        Unlimited Warranty       Yes      Yes      Yes      Yes
*Non-programmable frequency sweep delivered through water module
*Frequency massage sessions average 30 minutes