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Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$1,124.00 $1,249.00 saving $125.00
Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$1,124.00 $1,249.00 saving $125.00

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The Revive Cleanse Pro Ionic Foot Detox System: A better and safe way to detoxification

Looking for a safe, quick and easy way to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your body? Toxins that are constantly being built up in the body can result in wide-ranging health complications, so eradicating them efficiently is very essential and vital for a good health. Lucky for you, help is now at hand as The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detox System is specifically designed to help in body detoxification while you sit back and relax.

How Does The Revive Cleanse PRO Detox System Work?

The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detox system can be an effective addition to your detoxification routine. To make it simple to understand how it works, you first need to know what detoxification actually does. The detoxification action results in a preliminary toxin and nucleic waste expulsion from your cells and neighboring tissues. After that, a rectification of unusual corrosion triggered by diseases, wounds or viruses takes place.

The Revive Cleanse PRO System generates a safe bio-charge in the water that is friendly with living matter. This bio-charge can support in re-balancing your energy heights and calibrate your energy field. This re-balancing act can, in turn, help immensely to improve a vast number of your body functions. The Revive System Ionic Foot Detox has been reported by patients in our clinical studies to reduce the symptoms of Lyme disease.

Cleanses while You Relax:

The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detox performs by ionizing warm salt water with interchanging divergences as you breathe stress-free and enjoy the sense of health that originates individually from soaking and cleaning your feet.

While your feet cleanse, toxins can come out of your body. These toxins can get accumulated in the body due to eating habits, primarily the constant intake of junk foods and saturated fats. We can also inhale other toxins through air pollution, and they can accumulate in the body with lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle.

Works for Everyone!

The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detox System is the most prevalent unit sold by Body Balance System. It has a high-power structure that is superb for multiple home users, in addition to commercial use. It consists of three mode buttons each with a pre-programmed session:

    It has an easy to use operation which is programmable for several detoxification protocols and health conditions.

    Generate a Steady Income Using The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detox

    You could literally make a one-time investment on The Revive Cleanse PRO Ionic Foot Detoxvand generate a steady income for yourself without doing anything at all. Wondering how? Simply by making use of the built-in hour meter, you could rent it out to all those seeking a safe way to detoxify their bodies. Sounds good? It actually is!

    Grab this unit! And get the lifetime warranty in addition to one Sea-Onic module and a 4oz bottle of Sea-ionic solution. What have you got to lose other than those nasty toxins, after all?

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