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Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$3,310.00 $3,895.00 saving $585.00
Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$3,310.00 $3,895.00 saving $585.00

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It’s all in the name – the Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath is the ultimate, and most advanced detox machine available on the market! 

Each Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath comes with the following:

  • Controller
  • 1 Sea-Onic Array
  • Massage Lumbar Pillow
  • 4 oz bottle of Sea-Onic Solution
  • Manual

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Lifetime Unlimited Warranty
  • Longest Lasting Water Module on the Market
  • 3 Programmed Modes
  • Easy set-up & cleanup
  • Hour Meter to allow for client rental
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

End User Benefits:

  • Aids the body in:
    • -Detoxification
    • -Assimilation
    • -Digestion
    • -Elimination
  • Assists in recovery time from injuries
  • Assists with headaches & pain relief, joint stiffness, improved sleep patterns, removing heavy metals, menstrual pain
  • Energizes red blood cells
  • Complete comfort


  • Power Output: 3.3 amps at 15 volts
  • Unit Dimensions: 7” wide x 8” deep x 2.5” tall
  • Standard 110 US Outlet


Revive Cleanse - Live Healthy | Live Better

Detoxification and cleansing trends are growing in popularity as the population is understanding the significance to their overall health.   From the foods that we eat, water we drink, air that we breathe, and chemicals that we use to put on skin, our bodies are bombarded with toxins.   An ongoing detoxification regimen is a solution to cleanse and balance the body.    

The Revive Cleanse Solution:

Body Balance System purposefully designs, develops and manufactures the Revive Cleanse Ionic Foot Bath System. 


The Revive Cleanse Ultimate system is one of the most powerful detox machines developed by Body Balance System. This model contains three unique modes to detox and relax the body to reduce the chronic stress and the toxin levels and reaching optimum levels of balance and health.


The revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Detox System is a professional system developed specifically for health & wellness practitioners.   This system is developed for ages 4+, and can be used by anyone except for those that are pregnant or have a pacemaker.  


Harmonic Frequency Massage:

The Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath System will allow you to run frequencies which will target certain conditions and injuries. The model will start with 4 basic frequencies which can be increased from our list of over 100 optional ones. Dr. Royal Rife did remarkable research in the Harmonic frequency massage field. He discovered the natural healthy frequencies of our body’s various organs and observed improved results in patients that had them applied. This is the work that our Harmonic frequency massage is based on. 

 Click Here to Read The Science of the Ionic Detox Foot Bath

To see how this Immediate ROI system can impact your practice, contact us for a copy of our Revive Cleanse Case Study  

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