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Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath


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The Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath is the hottest and most advanced detox machine to ever hit the market!

Live healthy, live better:

More and more people are now learning the importance of getting regular detox sessions. People know that you have to have a clean body for a healthy living.  By clean, we mean not just from the outside, but also from the inside. The amount of toxic foods we consume, the alcohol, cigarettes and even the polluted city air we breathe, are all adding to the stores of carcinogens and toxins carried by our bodies. Even stress is a contributor.  A way forward, into a healthier state of being is through relaxation, a change of lifestyle and a detoxification regime.

The solution:

The best detox solutions for you can be our Body Balance System Revive Cleanse Systems. These are exclusively crafted with our proprietary design in the ionic foot bath systems. 

The Revive Cleanse Ultimate system is one of the most powerful detox machines we have. This model contains three ways to detox your body and relax it to reduce the chronic stress and the toxin levels:

All three detox methods will help your body reach optimum levels of balance and health.

How it works:

The revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Detox System is a professional system for professional detox sessions. Anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Firstly you have our trademark ionic footbath detox with the use of water as a medium for removal of toxins. But with that, we have added two superb methods of detox.

Harmonic Frequency Massage:

The Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath System will allow you to run frequencies which will target certain body conditions and injuries. The model will start with 4 basic frequencies which can be increased from our list of over 100 optional ones. Dr. Royal Rife did remarkable research in the Harmonic frequency massage field. He discovered the natural healthy frequencies of our body’s various organs and observed improved results in patients that had them applied. This is the work that our Harmonic frequency massage is based on. 

The Benefits:

This is truly the ultimate detox system and your clients will appreciate it once they understand its various benefits. It is manufactured in the U.S.A and is a bench mark of quality. The system will allow professionals to charge people varying amounts depending on which therapy they want. They can charge separately for ionic footbaths or frequency massage or even double prices for a all in one detox session. This means that you’ll earn back your investment in no time at all. Oh and it comes with a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. So you can relax and be certain that the Revive Cleanse Ultimate system is an amazing investment.

Comes with everything you need, Revive Cleanse Ultimate Ionic Foot Bath, one Sea-Onic water module, Massage Lumbar Pillow and one 4oz bottle of Sea-Onic Solution.

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