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Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$895.00 $995.00 saving $100.00
Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$895.00 $995.00 saving $100.00

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Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Foot Detox Machine

Do you want to relax and have a body detox without having to visit some fancy, expensive spa? Of course you do! How about having a quality and healthy life? Who wouldn’t like to have these two options and especially together? One challenge for most people is that they just don’t have the time or the resources. But with the Revive Cleanse Basic Foot Detox Machine they and of course you can change it.

You need it!

Nowadays our lifestyle is extremely unhealthy and filled with lots of impurities like junk food. We smoke, drink and party like there’s no tomorrow all at the expense of our body. The result is failing health and loss of energy and vigor. This is because of the accumulated toxins, carcinogens and pathogens in the body. To assist the body in removal of absorbed toxins, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise and an effective detoxification regime can be beneficial. 

How Revive Cleanse Basic Foot Detox Machine works:

The Revive Cleanse Basic Foot Detox Machine will ionize the water and both generate and maintain a safe bio charge. This can interact with your skin and effectively remove the toxins, and restore balance to the body. This innovative Foot Detox Machine system relies on the concept of foot bath detoxification. The reason why we rely on foot baths is because it is easier to have one without much preparation and time consumption. You can soak your feet while watching T.V or reading a book. And the Foot Detox Machine detox will happen alongside. This is both time saving and more relaxing since you can even use it while in your garden surrounded by greens.

The results:

The less toxins a body has, the better it performs. When your body removes its toxins, you can feel a surge of energy and a new sense of lightness. The detoxification can help you get a better and more energetic life not to mention healthy skin and appearance. In the long run, removal of carcinogenic compounds proves to be very beneficial in terms of preventing cancer.

Different modes for different people:

The Revive Cleanse Basic Foot Detox Machine System has several features to make highly easy and effective to use.

• A mid power Foot Detox Machine system has one preset mode which will give you a pre-programmed detox session.
• Mode A session which is a carefree setup. It starts just by pushing one button. A typical session will start at 50% power for 5 minutes and jump to 100% for the next 25 minutes.
• You can also apply manual systems for more customized detoxification sessions.

Built to last:

The Revive Cleanse Basic Foot Detox Machine has a lifetime warranty so you can keep on using it without any worries. This makes the product highly resilient and affordable. You also get one Sea-Onic array (water module) and a 4oz bottle of Sea-Onic Solution.

Buy it and try it!

Why wait? Remember the longer you wait and remain undecided, the more toxins your body can accumulate. The earlier you get this Foot Detox Machine the better, because not only will you be able to assist your body in reducing its toxic load, but you might also feel better and have a fresh start to a healthy, happier, less stressful life.

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