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Massage Chairs

Let the sound of peaceful music and pleasant-sounding therapeutic tones relax your body with just thirty short minutes in one of our Harmonic Comfort massage chairs. We use the influence of sound frequency and vibrations to massage the pain and stress away. The revolutionary VibroAcoustic Therapy has been used in the University of California and Rush Presbyterian Hospital and many more high quality treatment centers across the country. We offer relief of massage in the form of chairs, pillows, and recliners that come in the most relaxing and stylish forms to fit your office or home.

The Harmonic Comfort Massage Chair has assisted patients with:

Patients complaining of stress, anxiety, depression, back, neck and shoulder aches, oxygenation of blood for energy, arthritis and pain, can experience relief of their symptoms and also experience deep relaxation. This furniture has been utilized in medical and therapeutic spas across the country.  Over 50 different amazing frequencies available. The Harmonic Comfort massage chair is one of the best forms of massages offered today!

How does it work?

The beautiful tones are set to pulse down your spine which can release tension while aches fade away. Unlike some massage chairs or tables, there are no painful rollers or loud motors that will interrupt the tranquil fifteen minute massage offered. Our equipment has diverse custom designed sound frequencies that can be altered to fit your preferred intensity. You can change the music and soothing tones from extreme to a light massage that will allow you to meditate or fall fast asleep as the chair heals your body. Each piece of equipment comes with frequencies for neck, back, shoulder, spine and settings for oxygenation levels for serenity. Your spinal cord carries vibrations to the emotional portion of your brain, which allows a heightened healing process on a cellular level when using our Harmonic Comfort massage chairs. Two-thirds of the body consists of water, and sound vibrations travel five times faster in water, so we can take care of your pain and stress quicker than healthier than endless pills that are addicting and not overall healthy for your body. Our Harmonic Comfort massage chairs will shower your body with relaxing and healing tones that will have you feeling better in no time. 

The Harmonic Comfort massage chair is available for practitioners, spas or you can have it in the comfort of your own home to rejoice in the quietness of our massage chair. We offer numerous styles to fit your home or office décor, and they are priced to fit any budget. So allow us to take you away with a harmonic massage that will leave you reeling in pleasure, and buy one of our massage chairs, pillows or recliners today!