Many studies highlight the wide range of benefits of Red Light Therapy, such as notable increases in energy levels and quicker healing. More energy and faster recovery are especially beneficial to athletes, which is why Red Light Therapy is becoming a popular treatment in the sports industry.

Recovery is a key component of athletic training and overall performance. As a non-invasive and painless therapy, the Red Light penetrates cells under the skin’s surface, causing a systemic effect.

Red Light Therapy increases resilience

Red Light Therapy stimulates cell function by helping repair cells and tissue, decreasing inflammation (from muscle strain) and increasing energy by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which distributes energy throughout the body. That translates to fewer injuries along with more endurance and better performance – literally, a win-win for professional athletes!

The downsides of extra training causes fatigue and impacted performance. Red Light Therapy can offset these impacts by healing sore muscles and accelerating recovery time. This therapy helps to increase your resilience and get you through challenging training sessions, meaning you won’t tire as quickly and can train more often. That’s what makes Red Light Therapy ideal for both pre- and post-workout sessions. Also, extra training helps the body prepare for big games or other competitions while improving performance.

Here are a few reasons why top athletes use Red Light Therapy:

Improves sleep and athletic performance

Sleep is a big part of the body’s recovery that can affect your physical performance. One study measuring the use of Red Light Therapy and its impacts on sleep quality and endurance in female basketball players revealed positive results. The group receiving Red Light Therapy reported better sleep quality and performance – as a result of higher melatonin levels and muscle tissue regeneration following therapy  – compared to the placebo group.

Accelerates recovery process       

Frequent training can lead to overexertion of muscles that often causes injuries and requires longer periods of recovery time. This can make or break an athlete’s training schedule and preparation for upcoming competitions. One of the advantages of Red Light Therapy is faster recovery because it increases blood flow, regenerates cell tissue, and reduces inflammation, healing strained muscles while relieving pain. This reduces overall recovery time, so you can get back to training/playing more quickly with the help of Red Light Therapy treatments.

Prevents injuries

There are benefits to using Red Light Therapy before and after training workouts that may help you avoid injuries. By increasing energy, oxygenation, and relieving pain, these treatments can reduce incidents of muscle fatigue and damage related to exercise, and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Not only does this decrease injuries, but you’ll notice increases in muscle strength and endurance, which leads to more resilience to help you stay in the game.

The next time you’re feeling sore after a workout, consider trying Red Light Therapy treatments to heal your pain. This therapy has many other benefits which can help with various symptoms you may be experiencing in relation to health conditions. For more information about how Red Light Therapy can help you, check out Body Balance System devices and services today!