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Red Light Therapy For Professionals

Non-Invasive Therapy

Provide non-invasive whole body therapy without downtime, so you can help your clients achieve optimal results.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our devices arrive assembled and ready for immediate use upon delivery, so your team can easily start providing services.

Self Entry & Exit

Enable your staff to be hands free so they can deliver personalize treatments with optimal privacy for you clients.

How We Support You...

Marketing Support

Service and sales training support plus product content with our Marketing Kit so you can ensure your team delivers successful service and red light therapy experiences to your clients.

Client Acquisition Support

Book consultations and repeat services with our 30-Day Client Acquisition package so you can start bringing in more red light therapy clients into your professional location.

Financing Support

Expand your business by partnering with our flexible Financing partners so you can stay flexible to capitalize on innovative technologies, increase cash flow, tax benefits.

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