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Body Balance System was established in 2004 to develop health & wellness technologies for personal and professional healthcare solutions to establish a balanced body – the company creates solutions to aid in digestion, assimilation, detoxification, and elimination processes.  The company develops functional, purposeful and aesthetic designs for optimum comfort and efficacy.

BBS Mission Statement

Provide advanced Health & Wellness devices, utilizing advanced Technology, highest Quality, ultimate Safety, and maximum Value to end users and practitioners.

Value Proposition

  • Best value /feature price point and warranty in the marketplace
  • All products are made in America
  • Same day shipping on all detoxification technology.
  • Multiple systems for practitioners and consumers alike
  • Purposeful design for efficacy and end-user comfort.
  • Only manufacture to offer sound therapy technology as an adjunct therapy to detoxification.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. After 30 days from purchase, a 30% restocking fee applies to all detox and furniture items.
  • Longest-lasting water module (array) in the marketplace


Our Team:

CEO - Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, Chief Executive Officer:

An engineer and entrepreneur by trade, Micheal Londo began his journey developing health & wellness devices nearly 30 years ago when his daughter was born with a genetic disorder leaving her dependent for 24 hours a day – he saw the need for various products to make life easier for her and others in similar situations.  This same passion carries over to every product designed and developed by Body Balance System today – Micheal believes in creating advanced health & wellness devices that are effective and of value to consumers and practitioners alike. 


COO- Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker, Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Walker comes to Body Balance System with 25 years of strategic business operations, franchise sales, acquisitions, entrepreneurship and brand development.  Having worked with Fortune 500 companies to independent, privately owned companies, specifically in the wellness segment, Thomas brings a vast knowledge and understanding of the market. He has recently co-developed Slim Sculpt Studios, Body Balance System’s newest sister company to promote all natural, non-invasive body contouring that utilizes the companies signature LED technology. 


VP Marketing - Rebecca Reis-Miller

Rebecca Reis-Miller, VP of Marketing and Communications

Rebecca Reis-Miller serves as Vice President of Marketing & Communications with over 10 years of operations management, marketing, communications and consulting in the sustainable food and health & wellness industries.  Mrs. Miller was mentored by the company’s late physicist, Dr. Ron Cusson for many years and has a vast understanding and appreciation of the importance in detoxification on the transformative process.

Mrs. Miller graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2002 and Master of Public Administration in 2006. 


VP Production - Kayler Londo

Kayler Londo, VP of Production


Sales Manager - Jay Hebdon

Jay Hebdon, Sales Manager


Marketing Assistant - Deja Austin

Deja Austin, Marketing Assistant


Client Experience - Abby Alexander

Abby Alexander, Client Experience Specialist


Production Assistant - Kerrie Gordon

Kerrie Gordon, Production Assistant


Production Assistant - Chris Acosta

Chris Acosta, Production Assistant