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BBS Mission Statement & Value Proposition

Provide advanced Health & Wellness devices, utilizing advanced Technology, highest Quality, ultimate Safety, and maximum Value to end users and practitioners.

Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage:

  • Best value /feature price point in the marketplace
  • Only manufacturer with multiple systems
  • Only manufacture to offer sound therapy technology.
  • All products are American-made
  • All components meet or exceed Underwriter Laboratories requirements
  • All systems comply with RoHS, European standards for “Green” manufacturing
  • Only company with Sea-Onic™ (mineral salt compound) Solution
  • Lifetime warranty on all Revive Cleanse Ionic Detox Systems
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. After 30 days from purchase a 30% restocking fee applies on all detox and furniture items.
  • Longest-lasting water module (array) in the marketplace

BBS remains a market leader as proven by their strategic partnerships and scientific backing – a brand position that has been recognized and appreciated by Ritz Carlton Spa’s. BBS is the fastest growing Ionic Detox System on the market due to the system’s ultimate value proposition. Currently, BBS systems are the #1 recommended detoxification product by alternative health and wellness leaders world-wide. This is due in part to a dedication to perfection, honesty, impeccable customer service, 5-year warranty and same-day shipping.

BBS is also at the forefront of maintaining a superior system while adding innovative features to further improve the detoxification experience. BBS is the first and only system to introduce “Sound Frequency Therapy” which allows for advanced healing frequencies that enhance the foot bath experience. As an innovator and market leader, BBS has also joined into strategic partnerships and provides Garden of Life and EssenceSea products to ensure optimal health and wellness solutions.

Is your Body in Balance?

  • Can you remember having a restful night’s sleep?
  • How about little or no pain from joint or body discomfort?
  • Can you possibly remember the last time you had a stress-free day?
  • Do you know how to assist your body in reducing toxins from your body?

When was the last time you truly felt fantastic?

I’m going to share something with you not many people know about – a widely overlooked resource for:

  • Can assisting the body in eliminating Toxins
  • Can help to reducing Stress
  • Can assisting in Reducing Joint Pain and other Aches
  • Restoring a Restful Night’s Sleep
  • …and Helping with the Numerous Ailments that many experience.

The Body Balance System Sea-Onic Detox System is a tool to help you Create Zen Within. The “Sea-Onic”, not to be confused with “Ionic”, is a co-developed system by Body Balance System and Dr. Ronald Cusson PhD., one of the country’s top physicists, to bring the concept of Detoxification the next level.

The Sea-Onic Detox System was developed to improve upon the existing detox process through the use of the Sea-Onic System. The Sea-Onic System utilizes a sea-based footbath nutrient solution, called the Sea-Onic Solution, which provides enhanced conductivity and lymphatic stimulation. This solution, coupled with a comparable line of sea-based nutritional supplementation, called Essence-Sea, along with the use of targeted alloys for the water module/array, make this the most advanced system in the marketplace. Therefore, BBS is the first, and ONLY, Wellness Company to have scientific evidence backing our product by a recognized scientist. Further, we are the first company to offer Sound Wave Therapy that is conveniently built into our detox footbath systems for the ultimate detox experience.

Recall the way your body feels when you stand next to a waterfall or walk along a beach with the waves stirring at your feet. You feel relaxed and at peace with yourself, you breathe deeper, you have clarity, all the while, your aches and pains subside into a mere memory. These reactions are caused by the ionization of billions and billions of water molecules that begin to surround your body. We could give you a million reasons why you should use the Sea-Onic Detox System, but the most important one is that you owe it to your body. A Body that is Balanced positions one to optimize their health and energy. Our wellness technologies are completely non-invasive – All you have to do is relax in the footbath and the Sea-Onic Detox System will do the rest!

We spend thousands of dollars a year on healthcare, pain relief, therapies, and other various treatments. So, when you realize that only a small, one-time investment into your Health & Well-Being can begin today, then I invite you to start your path towards Wellness Today!

Micheal Londo, Founder
Body Balance System