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Inch Loss Systems

We are the only company with an unheard of THREE YEAR Pad Warranty!

We have by far the strongest diodes at 190 mW each

 We offer a complete marketing and sales assistance program so you become successful with your new body sculpting business. No matter what, we will work with you to make your purchase a comfortable experience and fit within your budget. We have leasing, in house financing and revenue splitting to help you get started. 

What to look for in LED diodes and an Inch Loss System. The popular measurement all companies advertise is the mW or milliwatts. Slim Sculpt uses a 190 mW diode the strongest in the industry whereas most other companies use only a 80 to 100 mW Diode. 

This still is not the most important factor in diodes, what is the most important thing about diodes, their luminous intensity. A system can advertise they have over 4500 diodes at 100 mW each but that does not compare to the strength of our diodes at 190 mW, would you rather drive a Volkswagen or have all the power and performance of a Porsche? A stronger diode creates higher luminous energy therefore creating a better inch loss for the money. 

You next question should.....Why would you need to spend $25,000 for a pad system? Well you don't, our system is stronger, longer warranty and been on the market for three years and manufactured by us, this is why we also have the longest warranty in the industry, because we stand behind our product. We also have a 30 day money back, other companies policy is no returns ever. 

Our Business in a Box System does sell for $25,000 but comes with EVERYTHING you need to be successful in your new body contouring business. Your contouring system, vibrational  system, body mass analyzer, detoxification system, the first two months of your customized marketing are covered by us and everything else you need to do it right. 

Although that is an important factor to know, it is not the most important thing about a diode. There are other factors of an LED diode that are important. The Luminous Intensity is a far more important performance aspect of an LED diode. Since we are the actual manufacture of the Slim Sculpt System we have a high-tech instrument that measures the Luminous Intensity of LED diodes. We have measured other competitor systems on the market and they fail in that measurement. LED diodes come in many different forms and sizes and that is why we have a diode built to our specifications. The number of diodes used again is not as important as the quality of the light they emit. You could have 10,000 low quality diodes in one system but its performance will not be as good as a system with 2,000 high quality diodes. The number of diodes again does not make or break a system. 


The Slim Sculpt Medical Inch Loss System

is the most revolutionary product

for patients and practitioners alike!


Featuring The Strongest Most Flexible Pads On The Market

The Slim Sculpt Light is the latest and greatest technology on the market today. Our non-invasive body contouring system is producing amazing results in reducing unwanted fat on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and chin. We are the only company that offers a fully flexible patent pending pad. We also offer the most light diodes of any system on the market as well. We use both Red/635nM diodes and Infrared/880nM Diodes in our pads for better performance. Imagine a grape, then imagine a raisin. That is what the Slim Sculpt Light can help to do to the fat cells when our specific wavelengths open the cells to release triglycerides and cholesterol into your lymphatic system to be reduced. This can cause the fat cells shrink. Some common asked questions:

  • How long till I see results? You may see results in your first 20 minute session
  • How often can I use it? You can use it every 2-3 days
  • Will I lose weight? These are considered "inch loss" systems so you lose inches, however you may lose some weight

The Vibra Slim Sculpt Inch Loss system is the only system on the market with our exclusive fat cell shrinking frequency massage system to help fat cells drain thoroughly the lymphatic system. This is not just a useless vibration, but a specifically designed frequency massage. It is possible to see an improvement in skin tone and reduction in the appearance of cellulite and possible inch losses with proper diet. With no down time or risk, just lay back and let the Slim Sculpt Light do the work for you.

  • In one session you can cover the mid section, thighs and arms
  • Or, you could do mid section, thighs and chin with optional chin pad
  • The choice is yours depending on the system you have

The Vibra Slim Sculpt is by far the most powerful system on the market of this kind and offers the largest coverage per session of any system.                                                                                                 MORE INFO

  • Industry's easiest pads to use
  • Only completely flexible pads on the market
  • Super easy to use and setup
  • Easy cleanup between sessions
  • Excellent lifetime customer service
  • GENERATE AS MUCH AS $10,000-30,000 EXTRA revenue per month in your business. 
  • Most of our customers pay for their investment withing 1-3 months! Beat that investment.
  • We hand make the systems here in the USA in our own manufacturing facility. 
  • Three Year Warranty