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Water Module / Array

Water Module / Array

Water Module / Array


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The Sea-Onic™ Array (Water Module) and the Stainless Array (Water Module) connects to each Revive™ Cleanse System and is the component that is actually placed within the footbath water. The Array is responsible for transmitting the current supplied from the Revive™ Cleanse control module through the water in the form of a micro current. The Sea-Onic™ Array is most efficient when combined with the Sea-Onic™ Solution, as it is the optimal conducting solution. In turn, this will stimulate the water to penetrate the skin of the feet more readily, while permeating the lymph of the body over the half hour session in which the footbath operates.

Both BBS Array (Water Module) lasts between 90-120 sessions. However, longevity of the Array depends on the type of water source used for the footbath. For maximum durability, the Array is made from medical-grade materials and do not contain lead or copper

Improvement on the Sea-Onic™ Array:

After a period of intense research into the properties of Sea-Onic™ footbath, BBS is pleased to introduce an improved Sea-Onic™ Hybrid Array. This revolutionary Array intensely magnifies the detoxification process throughout the body via the pores of the feet. The Sea-Onic™ Hybrid Array has the same look and feel as the previous Array – as well as pricing. The new Array has been enhanced and significantly improved due to the fact that each plate, and its material composition, has been selected to perform a unique portion of the detoxification function.

The new Array now serves a dual purpose: i) Lymphatic system drainage and toxin pull via the pores within the feet; ii) The replacement of extracted toxins with an enhanced, highly alkaline, mineral solution provided by the Sea-Onic™ Solution. The Solution is to be added at the beginning of the footbath, in replacement of sea salt. This complex, ocean-derived Solution helps raise the pH of the lymph during the detoxification process.

The Sea-Onic™ Hybrid Array has proprietary plates designed specifically to increase the range of the observed component properties typically found in the bath water at the end of the footbath detoxification session. Comparatively speaking, with the new Array, users will observe a similar consistency found with the old Array, but will also notice additional consistencies provided by newly extracted materials that were previously not present. Users will also notice an increase in the bubbling action from the Array. In other words, the new Array increases the depths of detoxification from the Sea-Onic™ footbath and the range of definition is increased, thus providing the ultimate Sea-Onic™ footbath experience.

Over time, this new spectrum of properties will be correlated with the particular detoxification modalities that are involved. In all, the new Array represents a substantial advancement in the art of footbath-mediated detoxification; a detoxification that helps minimize the recovery crises that can arise when any intense detoxification program is conducted. The recovery crises is further mitigated by the improved Sea-Onic™ Solution added to the footbath that provides essential minerals into the lymphatic system, while increasing the overall pH of the lymph. This Solution will improve the circulation of the lymph while increasing the rate of detoxification via the other elimination organs, such as the kidneys. These added minerals into the lymph will help the body make better use of whatever hydration it is offered after the footbath.

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