The list of benefits to using Red Light Therapy goes on and on. Red Light Therapy has grown in popularity over the years and now serves as a catch-all for a wide array of health issues for all ages. But how does red light therapy benefit us as we age? 


How Does It Work?


Let’s talk about the fundamentals of Red Light Therapy. We learned in high school that mitochondria are powerhouse of the cell and Red Light Therapy is all about it. The energy molecule Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) runs throughout your body and oversees cellular activity. However, ATP is diminished as you age, which directly affects your tissues and organs. The use of Red Light Therapy supplies energy to the mitochondria, which in turn helps the other cells such do their job with more efficiency. 




A few benefits that come with using Red Light Therapy as you age include increased cell growth, repaired skin, reduced wrinkles, smoother texture, scar improvement, and less acne. If you are looking to improve your skin complexion, heal from sun-damage, minimize wounds, or reduce signs of aging it is a great idea to explore Red Light herapy. 




Red Light Therapy is an effective stimulant to collagen production, which improves the health of cartilage and tendons to quicken recovery times. Chronic inflammation and arthritis can also be managed with Red Light Therapy. Staying active as you age is important for your health and using Red Light Therapy is a great way to heal joints, repair muscles, and increase your energy. In fact, a study found that pairing your exercise routine with Red Light Therapy is more effective in managing chronic pain than exercise alone.




If you are battling with mental health issues such as depression, Red Light Therapy may help combat it. The effects of Red Light Therapy on the brain come from the mitochondria being stimulated to produce energy. As your body absorbs the Red Light there is an anti-inflammatory reaction in the body which helps the blood move more easily. Red Light therapy also provides great support to your body’s metabolic system and helps brain cells absorb more oxygen to give you more energy to manage your well-being.




One of the most important priorities as you age is your health. Staying free from illness, disease and harmful pathogens will help you live your most enriching life. Red Light Therapy energizes your overall body and is a great way to create more cellular energy. Another benefit to using Red Light Therapy as you age is that it increases your production of melatonin, allowing for a more peaceful night of sleep. Red Light Therapy helps restore thyroid health, fuels the lymphatic system, and progresses activation of stem cells.




Good dental health is not just brushing and flossing your pearly whites. About 68% of adults aged 65 years or older battle gum disease, making it important to practice preventative habits as you age. Red Light Therapy has many benefits on the oral health of adults such as preventing bacteria, gum disease, and gingivitis. Red Light Therapy is also a good treatment option for denture infections, prevention of root canal surgery, and tooth sensitivity.

Take ownership of your health and learn more about all the ways Red Light Therapy helps with pain and healing. If you are looking for ways to enhance your life and health, book a short call today with Body Balance System here.