How Red Light Therapy Improves Sleep and Energy


Red Light Therapy has a variety of benefits, including assisting you in falling asleep faster, improving your sleep, and even increasing your energy throughout the day. Here’s some information about why you should consider Red Light Therapy for these health benefits and how Red Light Therapy works to provide these benefits.


Why Red Light Actually Works for Improved Sleep


You know how Blue Light keeps you alert? (Think about how you’ve been told that the Blue Light from your cell phone isn’t good before bedtime). Well, Red Light has the opposite effect. Whereas Blue Light is a stimulant, Red Light can help you relax. In technical terms, Red Light has a low color temperature and a wavelength that’s suitable for sleep. Hence, Red Light Therapy is perfect for unwinding and getting ready for a good night’s sleep.


Red Light Therapy and Sleep


Research is promising surrounding the correlation between Red Light Therapy and sleep.


You know that groggy feeling you often get when you first wake up? This is known as sleep inertia, and in a recent study, researchers found that when delivered through closed eyelids, Red Light Therapy helped improve this issue upon waking up.


During a 2018 study in Brazil, participants with migraine headaches were exposed to Red Light Therapy to address their headaches. Not only did their headaches reduce in frequency, but the treatment was also the only treatment that improved their sleep disorders.


In another recent study, female athletes who were exposed to Red Light Therapy experienced an improvement in sleep and melatonin levels in comparison to their counterparts who did not receive Red Light Therapy.


Overall, studies show that Red Light Therapy is helping improve the quality of sleep and the ability to fall asleep. Who wouldn’t want those benefits?


Why Red Light Therapy Actually Works for Improved Energy Levels


Not only does Red Light Therapy improve sleep, but it improves energy, as well. The specific wavelengths of Red Light increase the function of the mitochondria and ATP production in the body (ATP is the source of energy for your cells). This is why Red Light Therapy works well to address energy levels.


Red Light Therapy and Energy


In that same study of female athletes, the athletes who were exposed to Red Light Therapy experienced increased endurance performance.


Other studies are promising when it comes to Red Light Therapy and energy. One study notes that Red Light Therapy stimulates energy production in cells. Another shows how Red Light Therapy increases both physical and mental energy and endurance.


The correlation between Red Light Therapy and improvements in sleep and energy levels is difficult to ignore. Have you tried Red Light Therapy to benefit your sleep and energy levels? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just an everyday person, the benefits to your sleep and energy levels are promising.