For those who go to the gym regularly, you know that workouts can take a toll on the body. Nevertheless, the no pain, no gain mentality sets in, and most individuals carry on with their daily fitness routine. But what if we told you that there’s a way to achieve performance gains and reduce pain from sore muscles after your workout?

Red Light Therapy treatments are the solution that can enhance your workout and recovery sessions. Ongoing research and clinical trials indicate that Red Light Therapy is a safe treatment that has positive results. It’s an effective and non-invasive therapy that uses low-level Red Light to optimize the body’s cellular function. That’s why some gyms now have Red Light Therapy stations for their members to use before or after workouts.

Using Red Light Therapy for better workouts

Red Light Therapy is a great way to level up your exercise routine. Those dealing with frequent joint, or muscle pain may experience greater benefits as well. Here are some ways that Red Light Therapy enhances your workout and recovery:

Aids warm-up & cool-down process

Any good workout starts with a warm-up to prepare the body for strenuous physical activity. Pre-workout Red Light Therapy treatments enhance the warm-up process by increasing circulation and blood flow throughout the body, which helps prevent injuries. Likewise, post-workout recovery is necessary to effectively relieve sore muscles. Red Light Therapy reduces muscle soreness after exercise, as it promotes healing while reducing pain and inflammation to prevent serious injuries from muscle strain. Overall, you will notice less muscle fatigue and more endurance, so you’ll be able to exercise longer and more often.

Increases strength & performance

Some studies suggest that Red Light Therapy and exercise increase strength by promoting muscle tissue growth. In other words, your muscles grow bigger – improving overall strength and performance. One study observed two groups of athletes, one receiving Red Light Therapy in conjunction with exercise and a placebo group with no therapy. Those receiving Red Light Therapy treatments showed increased muscle mass and strength compared to the other athletes, which ultimately enhanced their performance.

Helps burn fat

One of the benefits of this therapy is its anti-inflammatory effects that also impact weight loss. Red Light Therapy is beneficial for body contouring, as it decreases the size of subcutaneous fat cells and takes inches off of the thighs, arms, and belly. When you use Red Light Therapy with exercise, it naturally stimulates cell function, increasing cellular energy and metabolic rate, which helps you burn calories. As Red Light targets cells, it can also release lipids that the body may use as energy, thereby promoting weight loss. As a result, you’ll be able to reach your fitness and weight loss goals easier by adding Red Light Therapy treatments to your workout routine.

These are only some examples of how Red Light Therapy enhances your workout and recovery. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscles, or increase strength and performance, Red Light Therapy is a great tool to combine with regular exercise for optimal results. Visit our homepage to learn more about Red Light Therapy.