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Red Light Pad Systems For Your Business

Body Balance System provides businesses with state of the art Red Light and Detox Wellness Therapy Systems to enhance the quality of their clients lives. While generating much needed revenue for your business. 

We have the best systems at the best price and are FDA Registered, how you may ask, because we are a family run business and can pass the savings of to you. We design, engineer, prototype and build completely in our 8000 Sq. Foot offices located in Nevada.

How can we be so much less then the competitors in price? Because we manufacture our systems, we don't contract to an outside manufacture which saves you money. 

Benefits for your business

  • Generates a very lucrative revenue stream for your business
  • Red Light Therapy creates added services for you customers with pain relief and body contouring.  
  • Very easy to operate for your staff and clients.
  • Very little staff hours needed.

Introducing The New & Most Powerful Red-Light and Infrared Pad System on the Market today.

Meet the affordable 2020 Ideal Light PRO Pad System

The Light Therapy Market is Estimated to hit 1 Billion by 2025 Are You Positioned to Claim Your Share???

The Ideal Light is designed and manufactured by Body Balance System and Made in the USA and is the most advanced Health, Wellness, Body Contouring & Pain Management devices on the market today. Utilizing advanced technology, the highest of quality, the ultimate in safety, and of course maximum value to you.

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Question: How can I trust the quality of your systems with prices that are lower than most in the country?

Answer: We have completely cut out the third party seller and middle man. We do everything in house from design, product development, manufacturing, shipping and client services from our Las Vegas facility.

This allows us to provide the highest quality with the lowest pricing and fast turn-around times for all your needs.

Question: What kind of customer service should I expect? OR After my purchase what if I need help or have questions?

Answer: Upon purchase of any BBS product our white glove customer service program coordinators are available to speak directly to you to provide solutions and assist in every way possible.

Question: I am shopping around and found other red light therapy systems compare to yours and are less money?

Answer: We will beat any price you find with similar products. We work individually with every customer to ensure you get the best pricing and service.

Question: How soon should I expect on the return on my investment?

Answer: Let our expert walk you through realistic numbers based on your type of business and location demographics.

Question: I would like to offer Red-Light Therapy but at this time I cannot afford the payments until I begin to bring in revenue.

Answer:  Ask us about our many options we can offer. We can defer your payments allowing you build a revenue stream first.