Red Light Therapy Pads For Your Business Landing Page

   What are the three main benefits Red Light Therapy offers my business?

1. Immediate Revenue: Realistic immediate revenue 
2. Client Retention: Offers amazing results for your existing clients
3. New Customers: Attracts new clients to your business



Question: Why choose Ideal Light Body Balance Pad System over others?

Answer: Our FDA Registered Red Light Therapy Pads are the strongest, most flexible & easiest to use Red Light Pad on the market today

Question: Why is it important for the client to be close to the Red Light?

Answer: The user needs to either have the skin touching or 2 – 3 inches away from the Red Light & IR to experience optimal benefits and results. (Any further away you will not get optimal benefits.)

Question: How are you able to guarantee the best pricing & beat any price?

Answer: All Body Balance Red Light Therapy Systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our 8000 sq. ft. facility. We have omitted the middleman entirely. 

Question: How am I going to market Red Light Therapy to existing customers and attract new customers or patients?

Answer: We have done all the work for you! We include our proven marketing program with every system purchase ensuring success from day one! 

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