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Red Light Therapy for Home


You can be confident when you purchase a Body Balance System Red Light Therapy pad system you will be using the most effective state of the art system at the guaranteed lowest price in the market today.

Home use means using at your convenience no waiting or missing appointments plus eliminating travel time.

What are my benefits of using Red Light Therapy at home? 

  1. Improved Muscle Recovery, Increase Strength & Endurance
  2. Combat Chronic Fatigue and Increase Energy
  3. Decrease & Eliminate Pain

Question: Why choose Body Balance System over others? 

Answer: Our Red-Light Therapy beds and pads are the most effective available in todays market. We design and manufacture the only bed on the market that are designed and build specifically for Red Light Therapy by positioning your body as close as possible to the light producing optimal results. (All others are reconfigured from tanning beds or created from tanning bed templates.)

Question: Why is it important for the you to be close to the Red Light?

Answer: The user needs to be 2 – 3 inches away from the RL & IR to experience optimal benefits and results. (RLT beds made from tanning bed designs cannot get the user close enough to be truly effective.)

Question: How are you able to guarantee the best pricing & beat any price?

Answer: All Body Balance Red Light Therapy Systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our 8000 sq. ft. facility. We have omitted the middleman entirely. 

Question: I have been shopping around and found a better price for the same product?

Answer: We guarantee to beat any price you find for a similar product. 

Question: What kind of customer service should I expect? OR After my purchase what if I need help or assistance?

Answer: Upon purchase of any Body Balance System product our white glove service coordinators are available to speak directly to you and provide assistance in every way possible.