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Slim Sculpt Pro 5

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The Slim Light System is the strongest, most flexible and easiest system to use on the market today.  The system is super easy to use, just wrap the pad around the areas you wish to treat, start the timer and relax. Because of the size of the Slim Light pads the areas you can cover are greater more then any other system out there. 

  • Strongest pads on the market
  • Completely flexible pads to fit around the body
  • Covers more area per treatment then any system
  • Very Easy Setup
  • Easy Cleanup

The Slim Professional model includes the main controller, five Slim Light patent pending pads (one 36”x12”, two 29”x12” and two 22"x12" pads) and manual. This system does not have Vibrational massage included.

For more science on the Slim Light CLICK HERE

Power Input: 110 VAC
Power Output: 12 VDC
LED Output: 90 Milliwatts per diode
Number of Diodes: 36"x12" 275 Diodes which is 245 Red Diodes and 30 IR diodes, 220 diodes which is 196 Red and 24 Infrared Diodes per 29"x12" treatment pad and the 22"x12" pad has 147 Red Diodes and 18 IR Diodes. 
System total output: 81.36 watts total three pads output
Unit Dimensions: 10” wide x 7.09” deep x 4.5” tall