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SeaOnic Circulator


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A perfect complement to the BBS Sea-Onic Array and Sea-Onic Solution, the Sea-Onic Circulator provides for the ultimate detoxification session. This process pushes the ions being created by the Sea-Onic Array and moves them around your feet 200 times faster than without one, creating more Ion’s to be absorbed into your feet and the body. The Sea-Onic Circulator has been shown to increase the life of your water module in some cases.

The Sea-Onic Circulator and comes with a one-year warranty. It is also very easy to clean as the housing comes apart to make cleaning a breeze. The unit fits in your foot tub with an easy-lock suction cup and it sits at the opposite end of your foot tub as the water module. and circulates the water in the foot bath.


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