Stand Alone Facial System

The Ideal Light Facial Stand Alone System is designed to assist areas of  the face with a dominance of IR diodes. Under the chin is all red diodes. This system works by itself and does not need any other components to operate. 

*All international orders may be subject to duties owed to the country of import.


Treatment Duration: 10-30 Minutes (will need to use your own timer)

Simple 30-second wipe down clean up

What’s Included


Diode Count: 330 diodes

Dimensions: 14″ x 9.5″ (Adjustable Height up to 14″)

Compatible with a 20 V system (special orders available for 12 V systems)

Goodbye Fat and Toxins!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 13, 2016

These pads are awesome for both inch loss and tightening your skin, especially if your gaining weight due to hormone changes. That’s the result I’ve experienced. The pads are warm and comfortable, much different from extremely hot pads or devices with only a few lasers. These pads have the most lasers of anyone I’ve seen, and they are soft and travel well. Thanks Micheal Londo for coming up with such a great device!

Bianca P

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