IdealLightJR 5 Pad Professional / Home System

The IdealLightJR 5 Pad System is the strongest, most flexible, and easiest Red-Light Therapy unit on the market today. This system features both Red and Near-Infrared LED ultra-high efficient diodes with an irradiance of 60mw/cm². Simply wrap the pad around the areas you wish to treat, start the timer, and relax. Due to the size of the IdealLightJR System, it is also perfect for travel or office use. 

*All international orders may be subject to duties owed to the country of import.

Health Benefits

Decreases pain

• Increases endurance, strength, and recovery

• Promotes firmer, more radiant, and smoother skin

• Speeds up wound healing, and scaring

• Lowers inflammation

• Improves joint health, combats arthritis

• Improves brain health & cognitive performance


Treatment Duration: 10 – 30 Minutes

5 Pads for a total of 10,773 diodes

Digital Timer: Programmable count down timer with auto session turn off. Can be used over the face with protective eye-wear and eyes closed

Lightweight, with very easy set up & clean up

Warranty: 3 years including parts & labor.

What’s Included

Five Flexible Pads (3 Medium Pads, 2 Small Pads), Controller, Manual


Input: 110 VAC / 20 VDC

Irradiance: 60mw/cm²

Color Range: 635nm & 850nmTotal Output: 250 Watts

Pad Dimensions:

Small Pads: 19.25″ x 11″, 1701 Diodes, 6 Ff. cord w/male connector

Medium Pads: 27.5″ x 11″, 2457 Diodes, 6 ft. cord with male connector

Control Box Dimensions:

7.5″ wide x 7.09″ deep x 4.5″ tall

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