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Marketing and Advertising is a vital business as we all know.  We believe helping you here is critical to ensure a successful launch of our product and your new service into YOUR market. We emphasize YOUR market because we know yours is different from Manhattan, New Orleans or Seattle.  

We realize there are basic areas of marketing that must be engaged TV, Radio, Print, Billboard, Social Media etc.  We have different levels of assistance dependent upon which systems are purchased, how many of said systems are purchased and how many locations your practice (or facilities) are today and will grow to be tomorrow.  

We take marketing seriously and as such have taken the time to partner with professional marketing firms across the country to help with what we like to call "Micro Marketing" 

Listen marketing comes with an "absolute" cost and as such should always be micromanaged.  The problem comes in that you may not have the time or desire.  This is why we with you in mind partnered with those who do. 

Cookie Cutter marketing is great if you open your store on top of the store it was initially tested on.  

The hard truth is the best marketing is that which has worked in YOUR market.  This is why marketing MUST be unique to you and your demographics.