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Detox For Better Health

The Revive Cleanse Ionic Detox System 

Ionic detox system help cleanse the body form the inside. Our bodies eat, breathe and absorb toxins everyday, more then the body is designed to handle. A Ionic Detox helps your body rid the toxins. 

The Science Behind Sea-Onic Footbath Detoxification Systems

Each Revive Cleanse power unit and the Sea-Onic array function by passing a current through a set of plates that are immersed into the footbath water (inside the footbath tub). The footbath water contains an added mineral solution, the Sea-Onic footbath concentrate, which closely resembles the complex mineral concentration of the ocean.

The array begins the conduction process by first producing both ions on the positive plate surface and electrons on the negative plate surface. This results in a safe, low-voltage charge that is applied to the plates by the Revive Cleanse power unit.  The array has a total of three plates.  The two outer plates have the same polarity while the inner plate has the opposite polarity.  This is important in order to optimize the qualities of the footbath and the detoxification process.

Next, there are suitable components of the Sea-Onic concentrate in the footbath that will wrap themselves around these ions and electrons to form microscopic bubbles of water that will drift in the footbath. The liquid bubbles that come off the positive plate have a preponderance of active positive charges in them and their pH is less than 7.  The liquid bubbles coming off the negative plate have a preponderance of active negative charges in them and their pH is greater than 7.

The different pH of these bubbles serves to produce a shifting charge on the surface of the skin as the various bubbles from the plates contact, in a random manner, with the skin.  This helps to effectively absorb the bubbles through the skin.  Once the bubbles are absorbed through the skin, the net pH change in lymph will depend on many details of both the current lymph composition and the minerals in the footbath.  At this point, a detailed calculation of the resulting lymph pH is not needed. However, we intend to explain how this ends up raising the pH of the lymph after several footbath sessions.

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