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Economics, Risk, Time – What driver is most important to you and your business?

In any business, there are certain drivers that decision makers must always consider. We consistently think about our value proposition, whether our products and services are priced competitively in the market, whether we have the right team in place, and if our marketing is as effective as it could be – the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, the three ideas that really guide our decision-making as practitioners are Economics, Risk and Time.

 At Body Balance System we certainly keep these drivers at the forefront of our decision-making as we run our company, design and develop our technology as well as maintain our top-notch support services.

 Economics – practitioners need equipment that will set them apart from their competition and will add value to their, clients experience, practice evolution all while positively effecting the overall bottom line. What does that really look like though? While practitioners may be bringing in new revenue from new service offerings, what are the expenses that are being incurred? Does the practitioner have to hire new staff members to run the equipment?   What are the ongoing fees and additional consumables necessary to keep the equipment producing revenue ? Does the system require a service technician to come out causing loss of revenue due to downtime plus additional costs for parts and labor? What is the expected life span of this new product or service?   How does it work with a practice’s business plan and existing equipment?  Is this a US based company?  Is the practitioner first or last to bring the product to a specific market?

  While we can agree that most practitioners should look for the most cost-effective system, we certainly do not agree with finding the cheapest system. When you look for the cheapest, there are often hidden costs. At Body Balance System it is our Mission to Provide advanced Health & Wellness devices, utilizing advanced Technology, highest Quality, ultimate Safety, and maximum Value to our practitioners and their clients.   All of our systems are designed and built in the United States. While most Americans certainly applaud American made products it means a lot more in the wellness technology space – products that are developed in the Chinese markets are often poorly designed and manufactured and utilize cheap and sometimes toxic components. Companies will often remarket and relabel these systems, so it is imperative that you know where the manufacturer is located.

 Next, a strong warranty is also important – all of our Slim Sculpt systems offer a 3-year warranty which includes parts and labor. There are no consumables involved with any of our Slim Sculpt systems – they are truly an Immediate ROI system. Our pad systems are completely portable and involve nominal staff time to wrap each client (90 seconds), while our bed systems allow for even less staff time with just a press of buttons.

 Risk – As practitioners and business owners you consistently take calculated risk in your practice and in order to continue to grow and thrive, you need to keep your  client’s health, safety, comfort and happiness at the forefront. Our Slim Sculpt systems eliminate your risk as a practitioner with our quality assurance, warranty, customer service, and best practice marketing support. However, we also erase risk to your client – our Slim Sculpt Systems provide an all-natural solution for body contouring using LED Red and Near-Infrared light that is truly non-invasive and does not involve any downtime, pain, bruising, or freezing of your body or fat cells. Because this process works at the cellular level your client can come in on their lunch break and head back to work looking and feeling better with ZERO downtime or risk complications.

   According to MedEsthetics ( the Body Contouring Market is predicted to Rise to over $1 Billion by 2022, which accounts for 15 major markets including the United States. Further, non-invasive procedures are now opening up new market segments beyond Med Spas and Cosmetic Surgeons, and now into less traditional markets including chiropractors, day spas and tanning salons. Our practitioners are reporting an average annual revenue increase of $100,000-$200,000 from our Slim Sculpt system – is that revenue you are willing to risk missing out on?

 Time – Time is agreed by most to be our most valuable commodity. There is an old Inc. article ( that resurfaced recently, regarding the plight of an business owner – we have to spend time with our family; sleep; build a practice ; focus on our fitness, and maintain friendships. However, if we are really honest with ourselves, we can likely only  do three of these really well, which means two suffer or are rarely tended to….and because you are in business, we would imagine that building your practice  is an important  goal.   Slim Sculpt offers a solution that will limit your time to service clients with its efficient setup process, hence allowing you to free up staff to work on other services or tasks in your business. The product also offers a short treatment time, so a room can be turned over, increasing the volume and capacity. The setup and clean-up is don in 90 seconds or less. The time to recover your investment is far less than other manufacturers because we do not interrupt your profitability – we never charge for session fees or consumables.

 Our clients are also facing similar concerns in their very busy lives – they want an enjoyable experience in their valuable limited time that is going to produce results. . Slim Sculpt provides the client with an all-natural process, at an affordable price, with Zero risk over a short period of time.

 Remember E.R.T. when making important decisions for your business and its pursuit to exceed client expectations while maintaining strong profitability.

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