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Benefits of Disconnecting from Technology

Being a millennial, I love my technology. Whether it be watching movies on my computer, playing video games, or posting the latest cat memes on social media through my smartphone, I’m very rarely, if ever, away from some form of technology. However, I know I’m addicted to technology, no doubt about it. As it turns out, I’m not alone in my addiction, either.

According to various studies, an estimated 84% of cell phone uses admitted they couldn’t go one day without their phone, and 67% check to see if they have any calls or messages, even when they know they haven’t gotten any notifications.

Many U.S. phone users, myself included, use their phone as a “second screen”, even while watching television.

And finally, nearly half of all cell phone owners admit to sleeping with their cell phone next to them, so as not to miss any text or call.

All of this being said, there is a solution. It’s called the power off button. Here are several reasons it’s beneficial to your health to disconnect from technology from time to time.

Removes Negative Feelings: Recently, researchers determined that 1 in 3 people feel more dissatisfied with their life after getting off Facebook. The chance of seeing something that stirs up jealousy is high through social media. Disconnecting for a time allows you to focus on your own happiness.

Combats FOMO: FOMO, the “fear of missing out”, rears its ugly head when we see the places our friends are visiting, the yummy food they’re having, or general happiness.

Solitude is Rare: We need time to ourselves to meditate, to regroup. However, with all the white noise from the world around us, it’s difficult to find time for yourself.

Life is in Front of You, Not on Your Screen: The world changes at a frightening pace, but life does not. Day to day, face to face interactions are random, undiluted, and real. You can’t get that level of interaction from a screen.

Creation Over Consumption: Our time is divided into two categories: consuming and creating. When you’re in front of a screen, you’re mindlessly consuming. The world, however, needs more creators. Get out there, get off social media, and do something in the world.

Now, note that technology helps to create as well. For instance, this is being written on a computer, and you’re reading on a webpage on a computer. Also, graphic arts are created using technology. However, the issue comes when we just sit on our butts all day behind a computer screen.

So, how can we get over our addiction to technology?

Wait An Hour Each Morning: The world didn’t stop while you were sleeping just because you were disconnected. You can wait an hour in the morning to focus on getting yourself in order before hopping online.

Power Down for a Time Each Day: It could be in the morning, but for an extended period each day, set aside some time with no screens.

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