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Wound and Scar Healing

Wound and Scar Healing

The power of red-light therapy lies primary in its ability to increase cellular energy. In a nutshell, when light at wavelengths in the red-light range reach the cell, it triggers a biochemical reaction within the mitochondria, enabling them to use oxygen more efficiently to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the vehicle that transports energy throughout the body, allowing it to fulfill its thousands of functions. This increased cellular energy benefits the body in innumerable ways, including improved skin regeneration.

The NASA studies in the 90’s put Red-light on the map. NASA originally used Red light therapy to grow plants at the space station, and they found the astronauts who were close to the light, showed improved wound healing and skin rejuvenation. Red light therapy has been shown to help close wounds 20% faster and with less scarring. 

New capillaries are also formed from the increased circulation. Increased circulation with new capillaries equates to the wounded area receiving more oxygen and nutrients it needs to initiate and complete the healing cycle. 

Red light therapy accomplishes this by cleaning up dead and damaged skin cells, which are called phagocytosis. Red light therapy also increases ATP which I spoke about earlier, giving the cells more energy to heal themselves in addition to increasing the production of fibroblasts. 

Red Light therapy also increases blood flow, supplying the wound more oxygen and nutrients needed for repair.  In addition, the stimulation of collagen production and the health of the extracellular matrix is impacted by red light therapy.

Lastly, red light therapy stimulated lymph activity and stimulates the formation of new connective tissue and blood capillaries on the surface of the wound. 

With our OvationULT red light therapy bed, you can now provide wound and scar packages to provide a necessary treatment package for your clients. 

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