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Relief from Depression & Anxiety

Improving Depression and Anxiety with Red Light Therapy

According to a global report published by the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people were suffering from depression in 2017. This number rose dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 4 in 10 US adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 1 in 10 in 2019.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that depression is not just an individual problem, but a global public health issue, as well, highlighting the need for effective, affordable treatment. • In a 2017 study, 39 participants suffering from depression received multi-watt near-infrared light therapy (between 8 and 34 sessions, depending on patient improvement, at 9-12 minutes each).

Ninety-two percent (92%) of patients showed a dramatic reduction in depression symptoms, with many showing significant improvement after only 4 sessions. Patients were mostly still in remission 2, 6, and 12 months post-treatment. Though further research is needed, within the 10 studies so far on the use of red light therapy to treat depression and anxiety disorders with 9 of the 10 studies showing positive results.

With our OvationULT red light therapy bed, you can now provide depression relief and anxiety relief treatments and packages to your clients, customers and patients in your facility today Expand your customer base and earn more revenue with Body Balance System’s Zero-Gravity Red Light Therapy Bed.

To find out more about Body Balance System and our Red Light Therapy technology, email us at: [email protected] or call us at: 702-633-9040

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