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Red Light Therapy for Physicians

Are you familiar with Red Light Therapy?… most physicians and therapist have heard of red-light therapy, yet I’d like to educate you on the benefits of red-light therapy, how it works and how physicians and therapists are using red light therapy in their practices.

Hi, my name is Dan Lier, I’m the sales director for BBS, that’s body balance system located here in Las Vegas Nevada. We design, engineer, manufacture and distribute red-light therapy beds with canopies to the health and wellness industry.

First a brief history, red-light therapy was first used by NASA in the 90’s as their astronauts showed muscle recovery, muscle healing and even bone density improvements. Now as we fast forward 30-years, red-light therapy is now affordable and backed by thousands of clinical studies.

Red Light therapy is being used for: Wound Healing, Lowering inflammation, collagen building, skin healing and skin smoothing, pain management, full-body recovery, energy enhancement and full-body detox. 

The red light is a natural red light from natural light spectrum from the sun and even from campfires and flames.  Because of our lifestyle, humans don’t get enough natural red light to do the natural healing it was designed to do. The red light signals the mitochondria in your cells and the mitochondria ignites ATP, which is energy…  the red-light actually stimulates healing, growing and repairing of cells. Depending on the intensity of the red-light being used, the therapy can penetrate below your skin and heal muscle, bones and deliver oxygenated blood to challenging areas.

Here at BBS, we are the industry leaders because of our unique design, attention to detail and the understanding on how the red lights must be within 2-3 inches of the body to have any therapeutic value at all. Our bed, the OvationULT is specifically designed for red-light therapy, as other beds typically use a tanning bed design which is great for the bottom half of your body, yet the top half is receiving no therapy. At BBS, we are committed to improving the health of millions of people worldwide with non-invasive, safe red-light therapy.

If you’d like to know more about our product line or red-light therapy, email us at: [email protected] or call us at 702-633-9040

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