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OvationULT Red Light Therapy Bed

Located in Las Vegas, NV, Body Balance System designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells high-quality red light therapy products. Our premier product is the OvationULT red light therapy bed with a full-body top canopy.

Everyone is aware of the incredible benefits of red light therapy, including anti-aging, collagen building, pain management, inflammation reduction, and improvements in physical and cognitive performance. However, not all red light therapy beds deliver these results.

The most crucial aspect of an effective red light therapy bed is its design. Research indicates that red light therapy is only achieved when the diodes (lights) are within 2-3 inches of the body and have a reading of at least 30mw/cm2. Studies have shown that the optimal light density for user treatment ranges from 30-160mW/cm2. A lower number requires longer therapy time.

Many red light therapy beds imitate the design of tanning beds, where the bottom half of the client receives treatment, but the top half, which is often the most critical area for the client, receives almost no effective treatment due to the diodes being too far away from the body. Similar results have been observed with pods, as the red light dissipates and lacks sufficient strength for healing. The strength of red light diminishes as the diodes move farther from the body.

The OvationULT is specifically designed for Red Light Therapy. With our unique zero-gravity design, the top canopy is pulled down and rests on the client’s body, providing effective treatment. Our mW/cm2 measures at 65 when the user is on the bed. As you can see, the side flaps cover the side area, which is excluded in other beds or pods. Moreover, the OvationULT is ADA compliant, making it easy for handicapped individuals, older people, and those with more weight to enter and exit the bed for treatment. With a total of 28,443 diodes, including 22,755 Red Lights and 5,688 Infrared Lights, the OvationULT offers complete coverage and the necessary strength for effective treatment.

Additionally, the OvationULT is the ONLY red light therapy bed that includes an oxygenation frequency massage, which oxygenates the blood and leaves the user feeling better and full of life, regardless of the therapeutic reason for using the bed. Thanks to our design and diode strength, our treatment times are 10, 15, and 20 minutes, providing maximum ROI from a business perspective without the need for technical assistance.


Here’s how the process works: the client enters the treatment area, selects the appropriate treatment, and the bed turns on within approximately 15 seconds. This allows the user to undress and enter the bed for treatment. Once the treatment is complete, the user exits the bed and leaves the treatment area. Cleaning between customers is simple, requiring only a quick spray and wipe down, taking approximately 30 seconds, and you’re ready for the next customer.

The OvationULT can be plugged into any power outlet with 3 prongs, fits through any standard door, and weighs only 175 lbs., making it easily movable by two people. Furthermore, the bed can support weights up to 450 lbs. It comes fully assembled and ready to generate revenue for your business and expand your customer base. While issues are rare, our customers appreciate the peace of mind provided by our 3-year warranty, covering parts and labor.

Body Balance System is the vision of founder Michael Londo. ” I started this company really centered around my daughter. She was born with a very rare genetic disorder and was ventilator-dependent 24 hours a day. After six months in the hospital, she came home with a mini ICU setup and 24-hour nursing care. Through this experience, I encountered many poorly designed products in the medical industry, which inspired me to get into this business. Body Balance System has been my passion. I strongly believe in providing high-quality products that are affordable to many.”

Currently, here in Las Vegas, we have the OvationULT available at the Waldorf-Astoria Spa, Vdara spa, and two Ovation beds at the ARIA spa, with one contracted to the Bellagio spa and one to the Park MGM spa.

When you’re ready to expand your customer base and enter the red light therapy market, there’s only ONE choice for a full-body experience—the OvationULT, designed specifically for red light therapy with proven results.

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