As you know, Red Light Therapy is one of the most popular treatments for muscle pain relief, inflammation relief and overall healing.  The most exciting use for Red Light Therapy is body contouring, fat loss, and losing inches. Weight loss is a benefit of Red Light Therapy that is in high demand from the end user.

How does it work? Red Light Therapy decreases the size of the subcutaneous fat cells and takes inches off the thighs, arms, and belly. When you gain weight, you create more fat cells and the fat cells are “full” if you will. The Red Light Therapy simply reduces the size of your existing fat cells shaving inches from your body with consistent treatments. 

If you have a med-spa, luxury salon, weigh loss center or even a chiropractor, you’ll won’t have trouble finding clients who want to take inches off of their body.

 Other benefits of offering Red Light Therapy at your facility is accelerated wound healing and reduction of scarring, reduces cellulite, promotes firmer, more radiant, and smoother skin, slows hair loss and stimulates hair growth, increases energy levels, decreases pain, decreases inflammation, and improves sleep quality.

 Clients appreciate noticeable results and a favorable experience combined with a treatment time as short as 10 minutes. For your client, Red Light Therapy’s big bonus is they instantly feel energized following a treatment. While Red Light Therapy addresses many concerns, users love the fact that it is relaxing and enjoyable for them while receiving the treatment.


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