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As you know, I’ve referenced Ari Whitton, the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy. Today I’m going to share from Ari’s perspective, The problem with Most Devices on the Market.

At BBS, we’ve done tests vs other devices and other beds on the market… and It’s unfortunate to report that even one of the best-selling red-light therapy beds on the market, is providing virtually NO treatment efficacy, yet the bed retails for over $60k. Here’s the problem with most devices on the market:

1. They are extremely underpowered and much too low wattage to reach the therapeutic power densities required of 50mW/cm2. Yes, this is the measurement used to measure light intensity. Our competitor’s bed we measured came in at 17mW/cm2, which will do absolutely nothing in regard to treatment. This is problematic when treating tissues as with an underpowered device/bed, a person would have to use the light for 40+ minutes to maybe generate an effect. The weaker lights will not penetrate deeply into the body and to even treat any deeper tissues, even with extended exposures.

2. The Devices are small… and thus only treat a small area of your body, thus requiring multiple treatments to cover the area of treatment. With our OvationULT bed, your clients can enjoy a full-body treatment in 15-mins. Ari Whitton’s advice in the book was: Get a high-powered light that reaches therapeutic power outputs and is big enough to cover a significant part of your body, or your entire body. Ari indicated he spend more than $10,000 on underpowered red light devices which are all junk in his garage now. The last problem with devices on the market, primarily beds… is

Number 3. Closeness or proximity of lights. To be effective, the red lights must be within 2-3 inches to the body… and this is a big problem for many beds currently designed, as they are using a tanning bed design, which is amazing for the bottom half, yet the top half is getting little if any effective therapy. Other beds, which have no canopy, assuming the light have the proper intensity, are only getting one half of body, which means the client must turn over for a full body treatment. In this situation, our OvationULT bed, creates twice a much ROI as no turning of the customer is required. In summary, the quality of device is important.

To achieve effective treatment, the diodes, or red light must hit the body at a minimum of 50mW/cm2, and the farther away the light or diode is from the body, lower the intensity measurement would be. The minimum intensity for effective treatment is 50mW/cm2, and that measurement is touching the bed, for clarity, that means when your skin is touching the bed. The intensity of the light is weakened by the distance from the bed. Again, the red light is most effective when the body is touching the bed, and up to 2-3 inches away, max.

That’s why our OvationULT is designed the way it is, as it maximized contact with the body when the canopy is pulled down. With our Ovation red light therapy bed, you can now provide NEW targeted treatments and packages to your clients, customers and patients in your facility today

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