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Detox FAQs – Body Balance System Online

Correctly Hydrated Body

  1. It is important you understand that the BBS treatment is about water and energy. If your body is not hydrated then you don’t have the proper balance of water in your body. When you drink water and it gets absorbed into your body the water becomes like an electrolyte solution. The major part of your blood, the river of life that flows through you, is salty water. Therefore, correct hydration helps to ensure that the energy is going to flow to all parts of your body properly.

  2. Minerals (1 Tsp of Mineral Chi prior to a BBS session)

    Balance whole-body liquid energy tonic. Mineral Chi tonic combines minerals with Potassium and adaptogenic Chinese herbs to build and balance energy flow in the body.

One Person at a Time

The active method is used for individual purposes only. You only treat one person at a time and you never use the already treated water twice.

Detox FAQs

As a rule, people who are on day-to-day prescription drugs, we feel this is fine, as long as you and your health professional are comfortable with it. For people on life-sustaining drugs, we recommend that you always consult with your health professional, possibly finish your course of medication, and then use the BBS unit.
The system may provide the body with a boost of extra energy required to remove unwanted materials.
People can feel tired or full of energy after a bath. For those who might feel tired, it is recommended to use the BBS unit in the evening, so their bodies can get that well-deserved rest. If you feel full of energy after a bath, then it is best to have your bath in the morning.
The color change in the water can be attributed to a multitude of variances including, the water quality you are using and your health status.
There is no need to be concerned. It has to do with the fact that we are not created "equal". We do not have the same skin, the same health, the same lifestyle, and the same diet. The watercolor is a reflection of the "sediments" it contains AND the state of your health and skin.
Give your body a break! It needs some time to assimilate this boost of energy, affecting the cellular system, source of ALL energies.
Certainly not as your spa unit probably contains chlorinated water.
No, the BBS detox footbath systems are not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with a heart pacemaker, an organ transplant or epilepsy.
A foot massager helps to further stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. Further, the massage helps to relax the user so that they may better absorb the energy of the Detox session.
Currently, there is not a system on the market that can distinguish between "good" and "bad" minerals when the body is experiencing detoxification. Therefore, it is only natural for users to lose “good” minerals during a session. By including advanced supplementation into one’s wellness protocol, they will enhance the benefits of the detox session. We recommend the EssenceSea™ Volixer™ Water Concentrate and/or Wild Crafted Grass™, which contain trace minerals.
As a rule of thumb, it is fine for people that use daily prescription drugs to use the BBS detox foot baths as long as they have consulted with their health professionals prior to use. For people on life-sustaining medications, we strongly recommend that you always consult with your health professional, possibly finish your course of medication, and then try the BBS systems.
There are occasional reports of users feeling tired or actually full of energy after a footbath. Everybody is different and the results truly depend on the state of your personal Health & Wellness. For those who might feel tired, it is recommended to use the BBS unit in the evening before rest. Conversely, if you feel full of energy after a footbath, it is best to begin sessions in the morning.
The Sea-Onic™ array has been designed purposely to make sure that only the metal comes in contact with the bath water during the footbath. Further, the metal surfaces that come in contact with the water during the footbath have a substantial current going through the surface. This contributes to keeping the surface clean and free of the various toxins that are eliminated through the skin during the footbath. However, it is an additional safety precaution to dip the Sea-Onic™ array into a 91% alcohol jar for several minutes after each bath. This will ensure that the array is thoroughly dried, reducing the possibility of unsightly surface rust and that no biological toxins remain on the array before it is stored in preparation for the next bath.
The only BBS systems recommended for a full bathtub setting are the Renovati™ Cleanse II, IV, IV Dual, V and V Dual systems. As for use within Jacuzzis or spas, neither of these applications is suitable under any circumstances. Further, a spa unit probably contains chlorinated water.
Water from a well is the best solution. However, tap water, bottled spring water, or filtered water will work fine. Please keep in mind that you don't want to use distilled, softened, or reverse-osmosis water sources since the mineral content has been removed from this type of water. This lack of mineral greatly reduces the power of the BBS Detox System.
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